Sunday, June 13, 2004

Trippin' as usual...:-)

Tree in Louisiana Posted by Hello

A few years back when I went to Louisiana for the first time, I found this gorgeous tree on the side of the road. The moss hanging from it was amazing to me. I pulled over and took pictures. I grabbed some of the moss and felt it in my hands. The dryness of it and the texture was unreal to me. I was blown away. I searched for more trees like this. I followed a trail of them and found myself deep inside Louisiana, loving it and fearing it at the same time.

The history of the state is inspiring for me as a writer and yet, it's also very scary. There I am, deep in the backwoods, traveling in areas I'd never been before. But that fear never made me feel vulnerable. Instead, it made me more appreciative and more aware of the natural beauty I'd discover. I was blessed with great weather during my first visit. I took a small road off the main highway. It was like driving head first into serenity. It was beautiful. I found one lone crane standing by the side of the road. Every time I got close, it flew away. And then I found a bunch of very young horses and I just sat there for about thirty minutes, watching them play. I got a feeling they knew I was watching so they put on a show for me; running in circles and edging closer to where I stood each time. They were beautiful and one day soon I hope to revisit them just to see how much they've grown since I saw them back then.

Young horses... Posted by Hello

In the meantime... warm blessings...

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Maryee said...

I love taking pictures of trees and animals. Nice blog!