Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Luckiest Man On Earth

I usually hate it when I'm watching news programs and the people talking begin their sentences with the word, "so.." and I know there's a lot of men somewhere out there in the world who feel the same cliche' in my title that I do but I don't think enough men actually say it. I'm gonna use that word...  Soooooo.... I got MARRIED yesterday! Wow! It feels like its been a forever journey to get to this point in my life and how I wish so much that my mom was still alive to witness this moment. I also wish that my love's father was here to see this as well and so many others that have passed on including my own father. It was pretty special in that yesterday was love's father's birthday so I felt really happy to do it on that day, March 18, 2013. We almost had a last minute scare with someone working at the counter trying to say we didn't follow the proper procedure with setting up the ceremony but alas, she was wrong and I was simply following what was told to me by the person over the phone. And the day went perfect! Can't stop this kind of love! The commissioner was impressed by us as a couple and I guess because of the traditional 'Barong' that I was wearing; it probably brought back memories of his homeland, the Philippines. He was also impressed by all of the bling-bling in the room.

My love looked absolutely beautiful and I was proud to enjoy this day with her. It ended up being a long day because of the other things we had on our calendar to do but despite all of that, wow! what a blessing. It took a long time to find and be apart of what I always dreamed of but in the end, struggles, ups and downs and everything in between just allows you to appreciate more that blessing when it comes. We haven't had our official honeymoon yet but that's just around the corner as every day has felt like a honeymoon since we found each other... Thanks my love.