Saturday, July 30, 2005

SuperHead and me?? *smile*

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My friend Jay sent me a letter attached to an article the other day. It also had a picture of this chick I'd been seeing in the news and hearing about on anything representing what's what in current blackness. I vaguely remembered her. The picture was a little blurry...The letter read;

Yo Ant! I didn't know you had it like that. I mean, this shit is funny and little bits of it might be embarrassing to you but yo; I didn't know you knew Karrine! What's up with that! Why you keep'n shit like that from your number one ace? Yo, read on dude and if you still tight with her, give her my number, aight!

Okay, so I remove Jay's letter from the article and take a quick glance at the top of the page. It says "From the pages of reporter Steven Sumner..." I'm thinking, why would I be interested in some reporter I never heard of? Then I skimmed pass all this stuff about this chick named Karrine Steffans and all these famous brothas that she got busy with. Then I noticed my boy Jay had highlighted with purple ink a whole section that I'm assuming he wants me to read. I look closer and I see my damn name on there! Jay didn't write that. My name was actually in the article... I sat down and started to read. If you've ever read something so hard that you couldn't hear a thing around you except the thoughts running through your mind then you know how intensely I was reading this stuff.


Forgive me but I'm not really familiar with this person. Who is he and just like I asked of the other celebrities, where did you meet?

Oh God, I met this guy in LA or specifically standing outside the Magic Johnson's Friday's. That's a restaurant where a lot of hottie's in training go. You know, all these young ladies who basically want to be like me when they grow up. I go just for practice because it be some nice looking guys there and some got money. You see these on the verge rap stars and athletes rolling around in they SUV's, Infiniti's, and that fake Mercedes they call a Chrysler 300. The noise level is so high over there with motorcycles and loud ass music systems that it makes my clothes shrink up! Then I just smile and adjust my thong; making sure no lines can be seen 'cause I know brothas constantly looking at my ass from the moment I step out of my Lexus.

And so, how did you meet this guy?

Seems like your question should be why did I meet this guy! *Karrine laughs so hard she snorts twice* Well, I'll admit he was looking really cute.. He was standing there looking borderline thug 'cause he had one of those thermal white shirts on draped over some baggy black pants.. He had some minor league bling on. Well, he had a nice watch and something around his neck which sparkled a little bit. The thing that caught my eye was his height and then I heard a couple girls talkin bout they was gonna rush him because they heard he was a basketball player. Shit, somebody lied to they ass which I found out way too late but again, the brotha looked handsome with sort of like thugged out overtones. when I seen those girls trying to make their way over to "V," I had my two spies that work parties with me block those heffas.

Two spies, Karrine?

Uh huh, they block out all competition, literally! You should've heard the laughter when people turned around and saw those two girls trying to get up off the pavement. So, while all that commotion was going on, I was talking to "V." He had charm, I'll have to admit. I said hello to him and moved really close. That's when I noticed his soft but warm eyes. He's handsome; he's aight but I kept having to say "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" because the brotha talked so low but it didn't matter because I quickly gave him a hug and whispered sweet bullshit in his ear... My God, that brotha was packing! I mean, I thought he was. Then he showed me what he was packing. He had just come from a car show at the Staples Center where they gave out free miniature bats that work as keychains. I laughed and then I hugged him again. He kept asking me if I was alright because I kept squirming around trying to position myself just right. I was doing that in order to determine what he was working with! I couldn't find it!! *Karrine snorts again*

Okay, so you met him outside Magic's restaurant in LA. Which was better, the food or the man?

Oooh, you mean Magic?

No, umm, we're still on the suibject of this person, V. Anthony Rivers. By the way, what does he do? Who is he?

Oh, he's some lightweight author in training... I mean, he got some interesting stuff. I shouldn't be so mean, huh? He's sweet but to go from Usher to Jay Z. to The Game to Busta Rhymes and then to V. Anthony Rivers? I dont know; I musta been on crack that night! *Karrine falls out her chair from laughing so hard*

Are you okay Ms Steffans?

SHIT! Why you ain't got carpet on your hardwood floors? I think I hurt my hip...

Sorry about that. So, you two went home together or had sex somewhere? Whatelse happened?

I was curious about the brotha; I ain't gonna lie. He had this way of catching you off guard with clever things he'd say. Stuff that'll make a chick like me smile when I dont want to. He did that enough to score brownie points because he seemed sincere. However, I was a little too high to care about sincerity because with them bartenders knowing me real good, they was sending over free drinks; two of which were shots of petrone and I think I had one long island ice tea. "V" was drinking juices.. I remember sticking my finger in his drink and stirring it just to see if maybe he had a drop of liquor in it but he didn't. I screamed at him one time. I was like, this is bullshit!!! And then I was embarrassed because I was sounding all ghetto. "V" just kept his composure so he earned even more brownie points. Then what did it for me was once again another heffa was trying to move in on my territory. She even had the nerve to walk towards us, make a quick turn, flash her little rotten smile at him and say hello. "V" said a quick hello and then I asked him about it. He just responded by saying she was being nice but I didn't like that shit. Turns out she was a waitress but even still, that bitch better not come to no table I be sitting at with a man!

Sounds to me like this "V" as you call him is a decent fella. Maybe one day we will hear about him and he'll present the world with his own tell all book.

I doubt that and he better not be saying nuttin about me if he do!

How's your hip?

My shoulder hurts now... *Karrine makes a sad face*

So, can I assume that you had sex with "V" or did something else happen to make this date a memorable one?

Well, first of all it wasn't a date. It was just one of those things that happened. We met and we were spontaneous. We had dinner.. And after all those drinks and everything else, I wanted to f&*k!!!!!! I even told "V" that. I was like, take me to your car dammit and lets get it on!!! And you know what he told me then???

No, but I'm sure you'll let us know...

Well, he said in this sweet ass voice that I hate him for now; he said "I can't right now. I gotta go work some overtime at my regular job." Oh my God!!! I wanted to take a swing at him then but I was too drunk and he looked like three regular-job-workin-negroes sitting across from me! I didn't know who to punch! I dont date no regular job man, period! A regular job???? I was so mad!!!!

So, what happened then?

Well, he stood up and then he looked like six regular-job-workin-negroes because my head was spinning. Being mad as hell and drunk as a skunk dont go hand in hand. But, I did notice the big wad of money that all six of them had. And when the money hit the table like a brick and I heard his deep voice say "here's enough money for wine, roses, and your next love affair" I wanted to grab "V" but I was about to pass out by that time. I mean, he walked away looking like a combination Billy Dee and DMX all rolled into one. His ass never looked back so I threw my fork at him for that shit. I accidentally hit somebody but I dont know who it was. I just heard a loud ouch! I was too through... Who knows, maybe I'll see him again if he ever gets famous... A girl has got to keep her dignity, ya know... *Karrine smiles really big*

Thanks Ms. Steffans...

Thank you Scott...

It's Steven...

Oh yeah.... smooches...

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Back in the day when life needed a little more effort

Back in the day.. Posted by Picasa

There are times when I love to go back; way back... For the most part, it's by choice but other times its beyond my control.... It's as if I'm hit with memories I aint never lived before. Some would probably say its a past life experience knockin on the windows of my imagination. But to me; I think its my ancestors telling me their story, what they seen, been through and/or lived. I always listen and pray that this connection never gets turned off. Maybe one day I'll be the one passing down stories and making my presence felt through an object, a smell or some kind of deja vu type vibe floating in the air...

Today as I was getting ready to get out into the hot Cali sunshine (summer has finally arrived!), I walked past an old dish that's been in my family since before I was born. I've always seen it sitting in my grandparent's house for as many years as I can remember and yet today, it sits in my house... I'm trying to find the perfect place for it. I hope to have a room full of memories after I do a little remodeling. This dish, which I guess is a pitcher and bowl combination was almost speaking to me today. It whispered memories and reminded me how good I have it with running water that I can turn on and off whenever I want to. Back in the day they had to fill the pitcher with water and then pour into the bowl when they washed their hands... I keep visualizing my grandparents doing this and my great grandparents before them... Then I start getting the urge to travel to east Texas and Louisiana for more inspiration... That in itself is a blessing because based on the stories I've been told about my ancestors it took them a long time to get where they were going. I can travel where their spirits continue to walk the land by taking a three hour flight. And, I can do it because I want to rather than being forced because someone needs to live off of my blood, sweat and tears. We got it good and never seem to realize it... Today, recognizing our blessings seems to need a lot more effort.

Friday, July 22, 2005

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Beauty is within the eyes and soul of a real man who can respect such a gift without needing to touch. Though he may wish to touch and imagine. He may dance around ideas leading to quiet whispers and heavy breathing because he's only human but most of the time he's thinking about ways to praise this gift to the world. He wants for her to see what he sees; an awesome beauty whose true essence is deep. Her smile is a reflection of that and the way she carries herself so tall, even without those four inch heels on... He sends out a quiet prayer to the heavens above; make sure this lady has every opportunity for success and keep it positive because she deserves every ounce of the best!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

From the upcoming My Life Is All I Have *a novel*

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Scottie and I spent a whole two hours, watching Jason's Lyric in silence. There were a few scenes that really affected me but I tried my best not to give myself away. I wondered if Scottie felt the same things. Several times I looked over at him. I could see his left eye jumping around as though he sensed I was staring. He never turned his head to find out for sure. He was playing the same game that I was. He was being tough or maybe what he saw on the screen didn’t really affect him the same way. I couldn’t tell but for sure it was doing something to me.

The first scene that got to me was seeing Jada and Allen by the pond. He was washing her feet and then later on they made love. I’ve never felt someone’s body up against mine like that. I’ve never had someone so into me that nothing else in the world mattered. That shit affected me but then I turned it off because that’s like allowing somebody to control your feelings. It helped that the sistah in the next scene made jokes about it. Scottie and I laughed pretty easily but sharing any other type of emotion seemed like it was off limits for some reason.

Then toward the end of the movie came the part where the brother of Allen Payne’s character shoots these guys in the house and then chases Jada into the bedroom. My heart was pounding like crazy. I couldn’t resist saying something.

“I hope he doesn’t kill her…”

“That’s some crazy shit what he just did, though!” Scottie responded.

I couldn’t tell if Scottie was serious or actually responding to something that he wished he could do.

Then Allen Payne’s character came into the scene and this movie seriously had me bugging. Still, I played it cool. I watched and I tried to anticipate what was gonna happen. Actually, I could figure it out pretty easily so I closed my eyes, hoping Scottie wouldn’t look over at me and think I was scared. Shit, only thing I was truly scared of was him seeing tears rolling down my face because I felt what was happening on the screen. Even though me and Scottie were semi-close by this time, our emotional boundaries didn’t really feel defined, at least not to me they didn’t.

Then a gunshot blast echoed inside the movie theatre. I could hear other people reacting in front of me, to the side, and to the rear but I didn’t feel any movement from Scottie.

I asked him “what happened?”

“He shot her. Damn, I didn’t expect that shit to happen.”

“Whew…this movie was good, huh!”

“Hold up!” Scottie said as he leaned forward.

“What’s wrong?”

“How they end up on a bus together? Her ass just got shot, point blank in her chest!”

“Don’t take it so serious Scottie. It’s just a movie.”

“Yeah, whatever… They just trying to throw a happy ending on there cause they afraid to keep it real. That’s bogus!”

“Can we go Scottie? The movie was good to me.”

“Yeah, let’s go. That ending was whack, though.”

Scottie teased me during most of the walk home. He said he could tell I didn’t want to see Jada get shot. He said it was nice to see I still had a soft spot in me.

“I know you try to be hard Leesha but on the real, not everything is so easy to brush off like it’s nothing” he told me.

“What about you?”

“What about me?”

“You brush stuff off all the time…”

“Yeah, I probably do but that’s a lot better than losing my mind from reacting to all the craziness that goes down.”

Scottie went into one of his usual pep talks that he’d give me just before we’d say goodnight. He told me that I needed to stay strong and not let my situation at home affect me at school. As easy as that came out of his mouth, I wondered just how I’d do trying to accomplish it. I get angry as soon as I go home. I think Scottie and I had that in common. He had issues with his brother and mama was only giving me about five seconds of eye contact each day. Quality time had become a childhood memory.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

From A Friend...

A.R. Posted by Picasa

Dear Anthony,

It's been a minute since we last talked about dreams; the female kind that you used to describe to me. The way you wished you could find "Miss Everythang" and be able to spoil her without her getting too used to it. One week I remember how you mapped out a plan. Monday was lunch. Tuesday was dinner. Wednesday was a thank you card and flowers. Thursday was a stroll through an outdoor mall. You wanted to see which things captured the attention of this lady. Then Friday you'd meet up with her holding a large box with a surprise in it. She'd smile and say "hey, I saw this yesterday! It looked so beautiful in the window!" No doubt you'd probably smile with real pleasure coming up from the deepest part of your soul. I know how you are or at least were. Like I said, we ain't talked about that sort of thing in a while... Last thing you told me in reference to that situation was that you loved the closet space you're now blessed with; like you ain't ready to share! Ha!

How you been lately? I know, you been busy writing, working and probably wearing yourself out. I glanced at you one time when we crossed paths real quick. I seen the redness in your eyes like you been pulling an allnighter. You played it off and just smiled but like always, your hello was sincere. That's what I always liked about you. You'll look folks in the eye and say hello. Even your handshakes are crystal clear that you ain't just going through the motions. Who was that chick you told me about that said you give good conversation and you're never disrespectful? We had a good laugh about her because you said you basically figured out keywords to keep her talking. I know how you do but that's alright because you could probably teach a course in "How To Listen 101" and make a ton of money. Ha! You got that smoothness working for you, brotha.

Check this out... I did get your email about two weeks ago responding to my strange theories about how in one glimpse we look like somebody else. Don't start laughing again. Hell, I seen an example of what I'm talkin bout in Tiger Woods of all people. For a split second when he was about to hit the golf ball, he looked just like his father. And then that look went away and he was himself again. I seen it with you too but what do you see? I'm always curious about how you be thinking sometimes. I even wonder how it makes you feel when people, especially ladies say you too quiet. I seen your middle finger almost go up! Ha! Nah, just kidding.. I remember you saying "some folks got the gift for gab while others like me are predisposed to just think a lot. It's like an anchor that you can't untie sometimes. It's a blessing and a curse." You have me thinking that with the words you do choose to share, you're just transfering that anchor to the next person so they can have something that's gonna quiet them down with thought... Am I right? I know how you do.... *smile*

Monday, July 18, 2005

Tha Shaw Is Alive And Still The Same...

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Saturday night I was out late, it was a gorgeous night and I happened to take a right turn onto Crenshaw Blvd as I swung around Leimert Park. There were a few lowriders in the park area and white t-shirt clad brothas hanging out.. Not really that many folks but it looked like a cool time.. I kept going and continued on down Crenshaw. Then once I got past MLK Blvd., still remaining on "Tha Shaw" I ran smack dab in the middle of street party wildness!!! Oh my goodness!! My windows were down so I could instantly smell the rubber burning from the pavement.

The traffic was at a stand still as a few feet away there were two cars burning rubber and going round and round and round... People were screaming from parked cars along the side of the Crenshaw strip and other cars were revving up engines.. It was part exciting and part crazy ass shit! I hated for something bad to happen like one of those fellas losing control of their car and then running over people or hitting other cars but this little spectacle has been going on for years and years... I thought it had pretty much stopped but the action was back in full force. I pulled over to the side. It reminded me of days gone by. I noticed folks ranging in age from 18 to 40 something... I guess the word got out that this craziness was going down because at times I would notice some young ladies cruising in their cars wearing nothing but see through lingerie and fellas would empty their cars just to run over and speak with any woman showing skin..

It was a spectacle to see and then an hour later the police came to shut things down... They blasted their sirens and a helicopter came overhead to shine the light down on the crowds of folks and cars... Funny thing though, the party just moved further down Crenshaw to another area where people could park on the side and watch the show... Things got out of hand there too and the police showed up about thirty minutes later to shut it down... Sadly, the night ended with someone racing their fixed up car down Crenshaw headed toward Manchester, losing control and flipping over... I'm not sure if the person was killed but I cant imagine anyone surviving the way that car looked... And Saturday nights craziness left "Tha Shaw" with circled skid marks everywhere and police cars cruising; making their presence known to let folks see that there would be no repeat performance on Sunday night. No matter, I still cruised through the hood and especially through "The Jungle" to take some pictures with my friend KR. Aint much changed over there either.. One guy yelled out to me "take my picture, homie!" It was like a dare. I dont think he expected me to but as soon as he said that, I took the picture! *smile* Snap! I wish I had been closer... He was speechless after I took it... KR and I laughed about it and then we continued on... I would later get this other shot of this guy driving next to us as I demonstrated the coolness of my canon rebel camera to KR. I looked at the picture and thought to myself, Cornrolls and Cadillacs; ain't much changed over the years... Just like Tha Shaw.

Hustle & Flow....

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Love the poster but the movie for me, wasn't all that... I've been reading and hearing the buzz on this film but I came out buzzing in my own way and wishing I had skipped seeing it. I should've stuck to plan *A* and watched the Bernard Hopkins fight, which I heard he lossed... I predicted that one...

Anyway, Hustle and Flow... I saw this disappointing film this past Saturday. It was actually a premiere showing at a really nice movie theatre in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd. called the Arclight. I love this spot because you never have to worry about getting a seat. When you get your ticket you pick what seat you'll be in like reserved seating... It's real cool.. The chairs are ultra comfortable.. The food is okay.. They try to be fancy with their stuff but even this theatre on this night disappointed me!! I couldn't believe how they had us go through airport style security just to get into see this film. I guess they were looking at this movie as a "black" movie, which meant they needed to check us all for guns, knives, razor blades, bazookas, tanks, etc etc.. The guard asked me if I had any knives or razor blades and I responded by saying "nah, I came to see the movie. I wasn't planning on cutting anybody tonight.... maybe tomorrow.." And then I smiled... *smile* Some lady standing behind me said out loud "I bet you didn't have this kind of security at the premiere of the wedding crashers!!"

So, I get inside and take my seat. They had these big card like questionaires for everyone to fill out at the end of the movie.. General questions about who we are, ethnicity, age, etc etc and then general questions about what attracted us to come see the movie as well as questions about what we liked about it... I didn't see any section asking what we didn't like about the movie but I guess that's on purpose...

The movie? Hated it... Terrence Howard is cool.. I always enjoy him but I think what killed the movie for me was the white girl and Anthony Anderson.. And then the story itself was predictable to the third power!! I was so disappointed but I figure with this being an MTV movie they just trying to be safe with the casting and by making it a predictable story with gun battle in the club and a feel good ending...*laugh* That was weak... And as much as I do like Terrence, I would've rather seen him in the supporting role that Anthony Anderson played and then have the lead role played by a real...ummm..well... somebody more authentic to the role.. To me, Terrence was just playing the same character he played briefly in Dead Presidents; saying "man" at the end of every sentence.

I was really hoping to walk out of that theatre feeling like I experienced a masterpiece of a story and some incredible acting worthy of all the buzz but instead I felt like I watched something that was a waste of time with corny music... "You know its hard out there for a pimp...." That song was corny! Of course this is all my humble and fabulous opinion... Try to enjoy it if you do choose to see it... *smile*

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Safer 2 Watch...

Watch... Posted by Picasa

I'm on the sidelines watching some amazing *ish* going on.. (Ish; an infectious term used in place of doo-doo). I mean, drama is in and the unnecessary is addicting. That's why for me it is truly more fun to watch. Stay out of trouble... Keep my arms length distance away from the BS that gets in the way; stuck in all the crevices that keep real true intelligent and appreciative love from blossoming. I keep wanting to ask several people I know "aren't you married???" and "Why you need to be with that one, that one, that one and that too?"

I laughed today when someone said "pretty soon you gonna be like that too!" I could hear T.I.'s song playing in my head when I put some passion in my voice and said "you don't know me!" And, I said it with a slightly southern accent cause it was comical mixed with truth. I love women and if I'm alone, I look all the time. When I'm with a lady I think its disrespectful to look at other women unless I'm cool with that lady on a sisterly friendship kind of way to where she encourages me to look! *smile* But, right now in my life I'm alone and happily single so my eyes can wander like a big puppy in a room full of filet mignon steaks. *smile* Of course I dont like to be obvious and I still like to coat my adoration/lust with a strong layer of respect. Like I said at the top, I like to watch... it's safer...

I was kind of motivated today to blog because of some drama I overheard. A young dude was involved in some ugliness that may or may not resolve with a positive conclusion. I believe he got caught, cheating. He was cursing into the phone and then he'd slam it down. Three seconds later the phone would ring again; another heated conversation would ensue and then more cursing and slamming. This went on for about an hour and eventually there were threats... Hopefully those threats didn't turn into reality because lust, passion, anger and the realization of wrong doing rearing its ugly tentacles can get people killed. And then what? A lot of lives get changed... Someone is no longer around.. Someone's in jail... A child is crying... But oh well... everyone is on different types of motivation now.. Nobody sees the light over yonder, shining on consequence and common sense. That light is dim these days. It's blinking. It's too distant and blurry.. What we see is fascination, curiosity...we imagine how its gonna feel... we sense its gonna be fun because its like we're reclaiming how it felt before.....again... and again because there's just way too many fine asssssss....Hmmm, but what if you got one all to yourself? One that you can spoil and be spoiled by? One you can take time with and memorize all her pleasure zones, be they physical, mental, spiritual or just plain goofy secrets that you discovered on your own? A brotha might be driving along on the freeway and start laughing to himself because he's got this memory going through his mind. He's saying to himself "my lady is too cool because I'll look over at her and she'll be rolling down the window because she's about to fart!" And that would be some *ish* that he would keep to himself but his laughter would be about and represent some very very real love...

Saturday, July 09, 2005

More eye candy from one of my favorite artists; Frank Morrison. Love his stuff!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

This 4th of July seemed like a lot of death going on in the background rather than nonstop celebration and partying. Mind you, the Essence Festival was one big party and Nawlins felt like it had no room for sadness in that city... Life was being celebrated bigtime!! But then we heard the news of Luther Vandross passing away. My friend KR told me that Aretha did a very moving tribute to Luther at the Superdome. She sang a gospel song that held everyone together in prayer and gratitude for having experienced the gift that was Luther's voice... And then as I made my return back home to Cali I learned of an old friend passing the night before. A barber named Larry who cut hair since before I was born over on Washington Blvd. near Arlington Ave. Larry will be missed mostly because of his gentle spirit. He may not have touched millions like Luther did but I can assure you he had folks feeling like a million bucks after they left his barber chair with a fresh cut and the whole experience of being in that shop. I remember Larry dreaming and speaking proudly of returning home to Jackson, Mississippi to live out his retirement years. Sadly, his dream was interrupted by cancer and he fought as long as he was able...
I cruised around town tonight on this 4th of July. I thought about Larry and I thought about my weekend that just passed. I drove through neighborhoods that looked and sounded like Iraq at night when they used to show images of anti aircraft missiles being shot into the air. People seemed to have stocked up on some powerful fireworks. I felt like I was driving through war zones but at the same time, I saw some beautiful colors in the sky. The last part of my drive was near Marina Del Rey where I caught the last bit of a fireworks show over the water. There was a row of cars on the side of the road and a row of cellphone cameras too... A sign of the times... One last explosion left behind clouds of smoke that drifted out to sea... A prayer goes out to Luther, Larry and others that passed away this weekend. Their memories will linger long after the smoke has cleared....
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Monday, July 04, 2005

The streets keep me sane. Folks pass by and wonder bout me. They decide for themselves how I live my life cause I sit here with less on my mind than what they got. But I smile more than they do. I dont even worry bout collecting money cause they done took pictures of me. Somebody say I look fascinating. Somebody ask how old I is. None of that matters. Just appreciate that you see a man who mean no harm and sit here before you like a living work of art. And if you sit and talk to me, you might finds I got a story that'll have you realizing just how lucky you is. Photo by KR
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Two Great Ones!

Yasmin & Jamise Posted by Picasa

On Saturday morning in Nawlins I had the extreme pleasure of hanging with two awesomely talented ladies... I was blessed for sure.. Yasmin Shiraz is such a beacon of energy and light. She's a fabulous, fabulous, fabulous lady. I look forward to seeing her in action again sometime soon. This was my first time meeting her but I immediately felt as if I were in the presence of a friend. Very wonderful person... Check out her work and I'm sure in no time she'll be writing the blueprint for achieving success!! *smile*

Jamise L. Dames has been like a sister to me from the very beginning. I can't believe how long I've already known her and how the years have whisked by like the brief windstorm I drove through when leaving New Orleans behind in my rearview mirror... lol.. I was reminded how long we've known each other when Jamise shared a cool story about her very blessed husband. I'm proud to see her finally out with a new book and hope that she pushes them out a little faster now... Ha Ha! *smile* Check her out too!

Before I hit the highway headed toward Dallas to catch my flight, I saw this beautiful creature. This whole weekend was filled with beauty but this is mother nature at it's finest! Posted by Picasa

Nawlins Trip..

Bicycle Boy with a mind of his own... Posted by Picasa

I'm back from yet another very addicting trip to New Orleans. I say addicting because usually when it's time to head back home, I dont want to go. This time was no exception. Of course what added to the fun besides all the walking I did in and around the French Quarter was spending time with great friends, KR from LA and JLD, the author extraordinaire... Whew.. it was a blast of a time! Oh and I cant forget what turned this whole experience up a notch was the fact that the Essence Festival was in town, which meant for your viewing pleasure as a man you'd see about a ratio of 100 women to every one man! *smile* My goodness!

But anyway, Saturday (July 2nd) was especially interesting to me. I went to the convention center with some incredible author friends. *wink* I browsed around. Checked out a lot of artwork that I wanted to take home with me but couldn't. I was recognized a couple times because hey, I'm an author too! *smile* That was pretty cool and very surprising.. I felt blessed... I ran into a great lady who also recognized me by the name of Charaine. That was really cool and definitely one of the highlights of this trip. I digressed for a moment there to mention those blessings but the "interesting" part of this convention experience was watching the seminar on wealth building and hearing the stories by these very successful people about how they made it, how you can make it, how everyone can make, etc etc.. One in particular was a young brotha who started off by painting rocks and various other things to sell on the street as paperweights. He saved his money and most importantly developed a way of thinking that led to him becoming a very successful person at such a young age... Everyone on that stage kept repeating the whole idea of wealth building as oppose to just trying to be rich. It was very inspirational and thought-provoking...

Funny thing, after I said my goodbyes to my author friends and made my way reluctantly out of the convention center, that inspiration from the seminar followed me... I felt really good... My plan was to take this good feeling, jump in my car and hit the road because I needed to get back to Dallas, Texas where I would catch my flight to come back home to Cali. That's when my friend KR called me to see if we could hangout and take pictures in the french quarter. I couldn't miss out on that so I put off leaving for a couple hours.. As always we had a great time and then the funny part happened. I had taken a picture of this young boy who I'd seen spinning the wheel of his bicycle earlier while walking with KR. Then I saw him again as KH was getting some world famous New Orleans style kettle corn... This time the young boy was sitting on his bicycle as a white couple was trying to be cute with him. The man asked the young boy if he wanted to sell his bike. The boy asked how much and the man said "I'll give you ten dollars for it but I cant pay you until the end of the week." The boy shook his head and said, no.

The man said, "how about if I give you five now and then when I get paid I'll give you the rest?"

The boy still shook his head no. Then the man tried to be cute but he came off as silly, corny and stupid. The man told the boy with his hand extended out "I'll give you this kind of five and then owe you the ten for the bike."

The man had his hand out and waited for the boy to slap his hand in that old familiar gesture of giving a person five but that wasn't happening. The boy looked at the man with a smirk on his face, kind of like the one I had on mine. Then the boy said "ten dollars now," waited about five seconds and then rode off. I laughed to myself and thought, maybe that young boy already knows a little something about wealth building. Either that or he's on his way to being a hustler. I watched him ride off and I smiled hoping that he goes in a postive direction and does something great with his life..

New Orleans was fun as was my entire trip that begun with having lunch with my dear sister Carla Barclay in Dallas before I hit the road and headed for my first stop, Natchitoches, Louisiana. I had a time getting a room there because of the holiday and maybe some laziness on the part of the front desk folks but eventually I got a very nice room at the Comfort Inn and I was very pleased with the service there...

I've got about a thousand words to add to this blog based on my whole experience the last four days but for now I'm gonna share some pictures and let those do the talking.. These pictures were taken everywhere I traveled this weekend, which included Texas towns like Terrell, Marshall, Jefferson, Pittsburg, Daingerfield, Mt. Pleasant and Louisiana towns like Shreveport, Natchitoches, Opelousas, Lafayette, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Clouiterville, and New Orleans... It's amazing all the things you'll see and experience if you simply observe and take in life... I had a great time.

Sitting inside the Beignet Cafe where I typically go to get those delicious thangs made famous in New Orleans. The Cafe Du Monde is across the street but I avoid the crowd and eat where I can enjoy the scenery. This brotha outside was a treat to watch as he whistled and hollered at every woman passing by. He seemed to have that freedom eventhough he was supposed to be inside working. *smile* Da Big Easy... Posted by Picasa

Bridge over timeless waters... Below is the Mississippi River as I'm traveling on the I-10 headed back toward Lafayette, Louisiana. Posted by Picasa

Row of flags in Jefferson, Texas where they plan a major 4th of July celebration every year. Posted by Picasa

Jackson Square in New Orleans. You can feel the spirits in this place. It's beautiful despite the history not being so kind...  Posted by Picasa

Great store to find the best Texas souveneirs as well as cool stuff like spices and sauces to make foods and snacks taste off the hook! Try the peach salsa and you'll be coming back forever! Posted by Picasa

If you got taste buds, you will get hooked on the catfish at this place as well as other local eateries in this part of Texas. This is in Jefferson, Texas. Posted by Picasa

Taking a shortcut to Baton Rouge after getting stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on I-10. This is the Sunshine Bridge. Old and beautiful... Posted by Picasa

Rearview of the St. Augustine chuch. This place is heaven on earth.. Posted by Picasa

Overlooking the St. Augustine cemetery in the backwoods of Natchitoches, Louisiana Posted by Picasa

Bourbon St. residential area in New Orleans Posted by Picasa

An idea that looked great from the lens. *smile* At a picnic stop outside of Terrell, Texas. Posted by Picasa