Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I would do everything and not say a word... Not feel the disappointment when time flies and no acknowledgement graces my path... Not allow the scent of your presence to affect the way I feel... The motivation that lingers between missing you, wanting you and being inspired to do something for you...just because... I would become faceless and detached for you so that my presence wouldn't put your comfort level at risk... I would do this and yet magically find a way to keep you smiling.. Speak less romantically and yet still have you feeling the energy... Cultivate the passion and yet still be less threatening... Motivate you and yet still keep my distance...Turn you on and yet Nah, that wouldn't be me... I need to breathe, smile, have fabulous days and feel wanted... feel appreciated... feel... too. Exhaustion should not be the reward for giving... for being true...for being everything you dream of someone being to you...

Thursday, November 24, 2005


"I ain't gonna pay your rent, all I got is time and love to spend..."

"To some, God is the light that makes them believe that they see and know everything..."

"I wanna be happy and thankful 'not just' trying to get through..."

--Me'Shell NdegeOcello

Sunday, November 20, 2005

From The Chronicles Of Being Anthony

I was doing some latenight shopping as I typically do at Ralph's. I love having the store for the most part to myself with the exception of maybe ten other folks and fellas stocking the shelves.. I didn't need much; just some yogurt, tea, a few vegetables, some kitchen cleaning stuff and some Downey. Speaking of which, I forgot to buy some Tide..*smile*

As I was standing in line, one of two that were open, I couldn't help but enjoy the choice that I'd made with respect to where I would stand. One line had this guy scratching his head and acting really fidgety. The other line had a beautiful Mari Morrow looking sistah in it. she's the lady from Bill Bellamy's How To Be A Playa movie. I approached slowly and non-chalantly carrying my items. After about two seconds she could sense someone standing behind her. She turned and caught a glimpse of me from the side of her eye as I was reaching for some Eclipse gum. I figured the look she'd give me was all I'd get. Ladies be protecting their space in LA with some serious mean muggin, which prevents them from recognizing a sincere brotha in their presence who would be content with just a split second hello and smile... I wasn't trying to get my flirt on but I did appreciate the view...

The lady caught me off guard as I was placing my items on the conveyor belt thing. She said hello. I greeted her back. She glanced me up and down. It didn't seem like a sexual glance so I knew what was coming next. The old height question was about to fall from her lips.

"You are so tall... How tall are you?" She asked.

Her eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. She raised herself up on the balls of her feet to see how high she came up to me.

"6'6" I answered although I wasn't enthusiastic. I answer that question probably no less than five times a day.

Her right eyebrow raised and then she smiled. She pulled her hair back behind her right ear and moved a little bit because she was up next to pay for her food. She didn't hear the guy ask her if she wanted paper or plastic. I guess her mind was too focused on asking me if I played basketball or not.

I teasingly said "there's no money in it..."

She laughed and I only hinted at a smile. The guy asked her again if she wanted paper or plastic and the cashier person told her how much her stuff cost. She almost didn't know what to do with herself trying to focus on voices coming in three directions. I gave her a button that shows the cover of my book coming out.

"Oh wow, an author?"


"Beautiful girl on your cover. Very nice button..."


"I'll have to check you out, huh?"

"You should..."

My turn was next to pay for my stuff and the lady had started toward the exit. The grocery clerk fellas were looking at me as though I'd made a hook up. I was busy looking for the price of my stuff.

"You have a club card?" The cashier asked.

I punched in my phone number and finally got the total which looked pretty good. By the time I was grabing my bags of groceries, the lady had exited the front door. I soon followed in the same direction but not searching for her. Two seconds later I heard a whispering sound. It was that lady again. She pointed at me.

She said "I'ma get your book, boy and it better be good!"

We laughed and then we went our separate ways...

One of those fun lists to do...

1} Last thing you burned while attempting to cook?
Mashed potatos

2} Describe yourself in three “s” words:
Seductive, Searching, and sometimes Sane...

3} How long does it take you to get ready for your day?
About an hour, depending on what I'm getting ready for.

4} Favorite place to blow $50?
Tower Records, Starz, Loews, online...

5} How many people have you thought were “the one?"
Three, and its been as many years since the last time I thought that...

6} What is something that turns you off about your crush?
Uncertainty and that old old ass, not really necessary question "what do you want from me?" Umm....time, fun, conversation, and a chance to see where things go? Hello?

7} What kind of car do you drive?

Infiniti FX35.......BLACK.... I love the V-A-R-O-O-M!!! sound it makes... *smile*

8} What’s in your CD player/ipod right now?
I've got a six CD changer in the car but the last thing I listened to before I turned off the engine and closed the door was a song by Tupac called "Better Days."

9} What celebrity would you have coffee with?
Sanaa Lathan..

10} What celebrity would you NOT have coffee with?
I dont know.. I'm still imagining the beauty/blessing of sitting across from Sanaa

11} What kind of toothpaste do you use?
Arm & Hammer advance white

12} What time do you go to bed?
4:00 AM

13} Last movie you saw?
“Get Rich Or Die Tryin”

14} Last TV show you watched?
Something on HGTV. Can't remember... Dont watch TV that much...

15} Who is your best friend?
Kim, Angela, Jamise, Arnail, La-La

16} Who in your family do you best get along with?

17} Who do you have a crush on?
I have a few of them..

18} What time is it right now?
12:25 PM

19} Are you planning a vacation/travel?
Only in the mind...

20} When/Where was the last time you traveled?
New Orleans, a week before the hurricane hit..

21} How many times have you been in love?

22} How old will you be in 10 years?
Same age as I am now... *smile*

23} Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Padded room somewhere...

24} Sinful snacking weakness?
None right now. I've been extra good recently with eating habits thanks to the inspiration of one of my crushes and the motivation of future crushes... *smile*

25} Rollercoasters?
Such is life....

26} Ever run out of gas?

27} Ever been on a train?
When I was a kid... From Texas to Cali...

28} Ever been on a blind date?
Yes, a few...

29} Ever been to Europe?

30} What would you do if you could be the opposite sex for one day?
Scream in the mirror and say "Nooooooo!!" I love, adore and cherish women but I'd like to remain on this side of the fence as I continue...

31} Would you tell anyone it was really you?

32} Ever been arrested?

33} Have a crush on anyone you work with?

34} What is something you believe in?


35} What is something you fear?
Losing my mind because of the above...

36} Big or smaller?
Depends on what we're describing...

37} What is the worst physical or emotional pain you have ever experienced?
Losing my father.

38} What is your favorite television show?
Dont have one..

39} Ever photoshopped yourself to look better in a picture?
Nope. Currently trying to figure out how to use the darn program!

40} Tell us something about your childhood.
I can't remember it...

41} What would it cost for you to flash the person next to you?
A million dollars unless its one of my crushes or some of the gorgeous famous ladies I adore... *smile*

42} Best time to catch you in a good mood?
After a woman catches me off guard with a sincere hello...

43} If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?
On the highway, somewhere between here(Cali) and Texas or Louisiana... I love the road and the mystery of traveling..

44} Most prized possession?
Until Again and My Life Is All I Have. Two incredible journeys for the mind, heart and soul that I've written. And also another prized possession are the memories of good times.

45} Would you ever sell it/how much?
Sell as in publish? Yes... The memories, I'd share for free.

46} What is one of your bad habits?
Being too nice...

47} Favorite kind of ice cream?
Breyers, Dolce De Leche. Haven't had any in about four months... Been swearing off ice cream...

48} Coolest thing that happened today?
A little girl waved at me with the sweetest smile on her face as we passed each other in the mall... Priceless moment that made me feel really good..

49} What’s your favorite part of a Friday?
Clocking out from work and beginning hopefully a great weekend..

50} What would make you most happy right now?
A phone call from LaShawn, tea/conversation with Dr. Steph, a walk with Angela. a photoshoot with Kim, a talk with Jamise, an email from Kitten, a talk with Shannon, lunch with cousin Apryl, a hug from Sanaa Lathan and about two million dollars to add a strong dose of freedom to my daily living...

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Dilemna Of A Strange Week

Dilemna Posted by Picasa

Despite the strangeness of this past week I feel extra good.. Like a rebirth of sorts telling me everythang is gonna be okay... Its gonna be beautiful, its gonna be extra nice because you cant keep a good, passionate, sincere man down... You can knock him for a loop and make him scratch his head for a moment; wondering what the hell? You can test the strength of his heart but it's a lot deeper than a bottomless well... I thought I'd rhyme..*smile* I'm aight...

This week was strange.. Lossed a really cool friend... Debbie Robinson. She's a Texas lady so she got that special spirit about her. She was always planning to cook me something one day. She teased me with her recipes and potential family secrets but never blessed me with the flavor; the taste... That's okay because I remember her laughter.. Sadly, she died in her sleep on her birthday but she went quiet and at total peace... That's a cool way to go.... Me? I'm probably gonna go out in a blaze of love and glory... Mostly love though because its always testing my spirit, my patience, my understanding but that just makes for deeper thoughts and greater strength... I come back strong and with a whole lot of new determination...

This week was strange indeed... I saw a chair burst through a window and then someone followed... I shook my head... I'd seen this before but again, despite all of that and the questions that lingered in my consciousness as this week drifts into the history books, I feel a renewed inner spirit thanks to the cant-give-up-mentality of something that lingers inside of me and the spark to ignite such feeling from good friends like Kitten and Kim Roseberry... And then to top off all that, I received inspiration from the always philosophical and extremely gifted surgeon named Robert Klapper. He's also an artist specializing in sculptures so this man is amazing. He said something about the unspoken blessing of being able to create art and/or music that left us both sighing deeply... And I close with words that were like music to my ears, spoken by a beautiful living sculpture in the form of Dr. S.S.... She said, "It's good to see you..." Believe me when I say this... Heaven on earth is appreciative words inspired completely by sincerity... I wish everyone could be hip to this...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Beautiful Passing Part II

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I received a beautiful card in the mail from Aunt Mildred thanking me for not only being a pallbearer at her daughter's funeral but also for the tribute that I did, which you can find in an earlier entry on this blog. That's a blessing and it definitely made me smile when I saw the card. Right now it sort of brings to mind something that was talked about on one of my favorite blogs by Ja-me. She spoke about something called "Unconditional Love." In my opinion, all things positive should be unconditional... Love, kindness, support, wanting the best for someone, compliments, prayers, etc etc... I wish we could all hear about these kind of blessings being spread from person to person rather than always waking up to the news of something negative being passed around from gossip to disease to stupidity... It dont have to always be that way... I mean, I can say right here that this entry is the result of some unconditional good stuff spreading around... Thanks aunt Mildred and thank you Ja-me. *smile*

Sunday, November 06, 2005

My favorite films... true classics to me...

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Sunday night got me feeling mighty creative for some reason... I've been writing up a storm, creating great dialogue and direction between the characters I've been working on. I took a little break and decided to get in a workout but then as I was pumping iron I found myself thinking about various movies that I love. Films that standout in my mind constantly as classics and yet despite the critical acclaim they'd received when they were released these films where Hollywood is concerned seem to have disappeared... I can recall sitting in a theatre watching Love Jones and as the ending credits rolled, people applauded and shouted "thank you!!! Please make more films like that!!" Maybe Hollywood heard those cries and that person that pulls the strings instead pulled the plug... But over the years we've had some truly great black movies.. The kind of movies that could all be made and enjoyed in one single year... I found myself imagining my own little film festival.. One full day and night with free BBQ, seafood, salads and gallons of sweet tea to wash it all down... I'd show all these films you see in the picture... There's more that I've forgotten and that will come to me after I've written this but for the sake of time, these movies are what came to mind as soon as I asked myself the question "what are my most favorite black movies ever?" And also because I feel like I've got the bomb movie in the making, I think this fantasy film festival should conclude with the world premiere of My Life Is All I Have (The Movie) based on the book of the same name written by yours truly... *smile* Yo, checkout my list....

Aaron Loves Angela:
This is a movie for the most part not heard of because its It features Kevin Hooks Jr. and Irene Cara. It's old but this is a great love story... One of those forbidden love stories with a young black male who falls in love with a puerto rican girl from another neighborhood. It was forbidden back in the day. Seems strange compared to the way things are now, it wouldn't be such a big deal. Like imagine me and Rosario Dawson...whew... You wouldn't find that strange but it would probably knock my socks off! Ha!

Autobiography Of Miss Jane Pittman:
This is a powerful story and one that everyone should watch. I used to avoid watching it when I was younger because of the whole slavery thing that I didn't want to see but you know what? I bought the DVD last year while in Texas. I watched it on my laptop in the country. I was moved by this story in a way that was so cool because I felt like if I stepped outside the door, I'd be stepping back in time witnessing the life that Jane endured. As fast as the years go by is just how close we are to yesterday... It wasn't that long ago...

Menace To Society:
I saw this movie when it came out. I watched it and I loved it. It was a real escape for me sitting in a theatre on the corner of Beverly and Fairfax. I knew these characters very well and I'd heard that Tupac was supposed to be in this movie but to be honest, they had all the right people in this film, especially Larenz Tate who I wish could do another movie as O'Dog!

I discovered this movie a few years ago on DVD. I dont know why I didn't see it when it came out. I guess I didn't really hear much about it but this was definitely an overlooked film by many. The acting by DMX and Nas was perfect for the roles they played. The narration by Nas was really cool.. The imagery and the power of this movie was right on point. I even loved the scene with Method Man wearing all yellow or that classic scene with that guy eating a banana. Just like all the movies on this list, I never get tired of watching this one again and again....

The Nephew:
This is another very overlooked movie... Probably not recognized as a "black" film per se but it really is an awesome movie with a lot of emotion in it... The cover says it stars Pierce Brosnan but to me the real star of this film is Hill Harper. He plays the son of an irish woman who passed away. He wishes to fulfill his mother's wish by taking her ashes to Ireland and spreading them on this hillside that she's so very fond of. Upon going there he meets her family and of course they're quite shocked to find that this young man is black.. The story has a lot going for it and is really something to cherish... You will cry at the end too..

Love & Basketball:
An all time favorite with one of my all time ladies that I would feen after for years and years to come.. I'm speaking of Sanaa Lathan... whew... This story is great.. I first saw it at a private screening with my good friend Kim Roseberry over on the Paramount lot. That was so cool and we were blown away by this movie. We watched it and when it was over we felt we'd seen something really special. Everything from the storyline to the music was so perfect.. I wanted to see more of this kind of love up on the screen and of course I wanted it in my own life too!! Neither came too quickly but that's a neverending story...

Love Jones:
Classic! Larenz Tate doing it again but on the romantic tip this time. Nia Long looking incredible and this movie sort of brought a little popularity to the whole poetry experience too... This was some beautiful black love eventhough I wanted to choke the male character(Darius) for trippin and acting like he didn't want to be with Nina... In real life that's a waste of time to me. Denying what you truly feel and letting time or possibly a blessing getaway from you... But, I guess for the sake of reaching that almost two hour time frame folks gotta be stupid in movies so they can get back together and have a delicious ending as portrayed in the final kissing scene in the rain... That's my kind of scene in real life or imagined...

This to me is one of Tupac's best along with of course, Juice. Gridlock'd has Tupac acting in a totally different way. He seemed so comfortable in his skin and as this character. I loved this movie and the chemistry between the actors. It made me want to see more movies directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall...

What can you say! Jamie Foxx's tour de force... An incredible film that was a visual and emotional journey to watch and experience... I loved this movie and have definitely watched it a few times since getting it on DVD. Amazing performance...

Set It Off:
I've probably watched this one a thousand times.. Being from LA I love seeing a movie that's set in familiar surroundings but more so than that, I love the chemistry between all four of these beautiful actresses. I also remember dating this young lady at the time who reminded me so much of the character played by Jada Pinkett. Her name was Belinda. I took her to see this movie when it came out and I can remember looking at how Blair Underwood and Jada Pinkett's character related to each other. I looked over at Belinda and smiled because I was experiencing the same thing with her... Two people from different worlds, living in the same city enjoying each other. But despite that and because of the differences, things couldn't remain... Oh...but back to the movie, it was the bomb... It was emotional and powerful... Performances were top notch!

Eve's Bayou:
This is a long overlooked classic movie that I remember going to see by myself in Westwood on the UCLA campus. The audience was basically all white and maybe a couple other black folks besides myself. I sat there wondering if this was gonna be some kind of artsy type of movie that I wouldn't enjoy but it turned out to be one of the most beautiful stories ever put to film... I was sucked in right away as they displayed the rich culture you'd find in Louisiana. I found it years later on my own as I visited what has now become like a second home to me. Eve's Bayou influenced even my style of writing as I so often like to capture the same emotion in the characters that I write or the same impact as the classic scene in this movie where Aunt Mozelle(Debbi Morgan) steps inside the mirror and watches her lover kill her husband. The gunshot echoed inside the theatre and practically everyone jumped because it was unexpected. The dialogue sucks you in to where you dont expect what eventually happens.... Excellent classic movie...

The Best Man:
This is one of my favorite movies here in a lighthearted sort of way... I remember watching this movie and trying to relate to the writer character. I know I'd never get into the kind of trouble he did on a couple levels. One is that, despite thinking that Nia Long is very lovely, I could never see myself trying to hook up with her when I got Sanaa Lathan lovin me in a bathtub with rose petals trying to get me to say those magic words... Whew.. I'd say them without much resistance and with a quickness! *smile* And another thing, as a writer I would never write characters that are based solely on one person. All of Harper's friends would've been made into one character. But alas, this is a movie and not real life so they gotta do what they do... The movie was great...

The Wood:
This movie was also great in a lighthearted sort of way and plus it starred pretty much the same folks from The Best Man. They started getting into that trend of using the same folks at this point but luckily this movie turned out to be very good.. I cant say I've watched it as much as the Best Man but nevertheless its a movie I enjoyed a lot...

Devil In A Blue Dress:
Oh yeah, this movie I loved a lot! Denzel and my man Don Cheadle playing the character of Mouse! *smile* This is a great movie and great story set in old time Los Angeles... I was hoping they'd do a sequel to it just so I could see the Mouse character be crazy on the screen again... I saw this movie in Hollywood at the Cinerama Dome which is now the Arclight Theatre. The experience was lovely because this round dome shaped theatre has great acoustics for movies.. I just remember having a blast watching this one...

Antwone Fisher Story:
This one made me cry... I loved this movie. I haven't watched it over and over yet because for some reason I never bought the DVD. I'll have to fix that soon but this story was so powerful to me, especially when Antwone goes to find his real family... It reminded me so much of recent family discoveries and recent dreams of just wanting to bring generations of family closer together. I had tears when Antwone was introduced to the elders of the family and they welcomed him... He also had a fine ass lady along side of him every step of the way and that's a beautiful, extraordinary thang to have love right beside you as you take your most important journey of discovering where you came from... That's life and love... powerful...

Well, that's my list of incredible movies aka flicks... My favorite all time ones and just as I mentioned, a few more would come to mind as I was making out this list and sharing my thoughts... I also forgot to mention such classics as Dead Presidents, Friday's, The Inkwell, Jason's Lyric and Rosewood.

And now that we've concluded this incredible film festival, we leave you with thoughts about a future classic black film... My Life Is All I Have... You will cry, you'll be on the edge of your seat, you'll be shocked, you'll fall in love, you'll feel sorry for the innocent and champion a thug... You'll be amazed by everything this young woman named Leesha Tyler goes through and yet in the end, you'll want to strangle her for making the kind of decisions she makes in order to satisfy her own selfish needs... She learns her lesson the hard way and in the end realizes that all she's left with is what she's made of her life... See you at the premiere... *smile*

You And I For A Reason

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I began writing this story last year. It's a little something dealing with the gift of friendship. I'm revisiting it because it reminds me of a novella that I have coming out soon as a part of this collection called "Love Is Never Painless." Only thing is, this story is more about the blessing and reason why folks connect so deeply as friends.. sisterhood, brotherhood, etc etc... Finding true friendship can test your patience just as finding true love and for the most part no matter what you do or what circumstances you meet under, it just happens... Love does...Friendship does... I often wonder why people are so quick to run from love and why they place it in their minds as something so scary... A very wise and beautiful in the spirit woman told me recently "love is chance happening..." That's a cool quote and I love taking chances like that but going back to this story/excerpt that I'd like to share; this is more about that less scary and threatening sort of love/gift... That thing called "Friendship." So far, in friendship I've never been accused of being scary or trouble or any of the millions of other descriptions placed upon me simply because of being sincere with no hidden agenda... Got no time to hide.. I'm trying to enjoy life, take chances, and share/reflect my experience...thus, maybe someone will smile and give me a positive nod.... Don't be scurred... Enjoy this excerpt from "You and I For A Reason."

Confusion set in like a mofo the other day. I shake my head sometimes wondering where I'm headed. I'm trying to live right and remain the nice guy that people label me as. I'm proud most times when I hear it though I also get a little sick of it too. I walk through this battlefield of life noticing that some of the victories I want to win come to those that have no trouble with deception. I stick my hands out there wishing to help and uplift. My hands are heavy like I'm picking up sand that never stops pouring between my fingers. Sort of like time standing in front of you as a constant reminder of what you want but may not be able to have.

I called up my homegirl Tuesday the other day. That's actually her name; Tuesday Jackson. She's a dime piece with style like a young Angela Bassett but when she gets serious and feels like she needs to school you, she'll have you feeling like you're sitting in conversation with Susan Taylor; that lady from Essence magazine. She smiles alot, speaks with confidence and touches your arm when she's about to make a point. When I met up with her at Jamba Juice she diagnosed me instantly.

"Brotha you look tired! What's wrong with you?"

I didn't have an answer for her. I just shrugged and smiled simultaneously. We greeted each other with a hug. Tuesday and I are just friends. Of course me being a man, I always steal a few glances at her bootie or cant help but notice when the cleavage is within reach. She's definite eye candy but the boundaries are there and I respect that. Plus I got her up on such a well deserved pedestal that ain't no way I'd try to bring her down with my confusion.

After we got our drinks from Jamba Juice, we sat down outside at a small table with an umbrella overhead. Tuesday pulled out a bag of honey roasted cashews and offered me some.

"Nah, I'm cool.."

I refused not because I didn't want any but just out of habit. Most times my first reaction is to always say no when someone offers me something. I think its a psychological habit of me not wanting to appear needy. I'm a trip; I know this already.

Tuesday touched my wrist to get my attention. I assumed that maybe she'd said something but I didn't hear her due to being lost in thought.

"Huh?" I asked just to be sure.

"I didn't say anything yet..."

I tried to change my mood and act as if everything was lovely in my life. I sat up, took a sip of my drink and smiled at Tuesday.

"What's that you drinking?" I asked.

"Do you really want to know or you just making small talk?"


"I have a strawberry nirvana. Now tell me; what gives with you?"

"Its like this, Tuesday. I live in a world where nothing comes easy, games are played everyday, and nobody can tell me where to buy the magic potion that will allow me to wake up tomorrow with a million dollars in the bank and have this girl I met a few months ago lying next to me, slobbering on my pillow."

"You're silly. Why you want some chick slobbering on your pillow?"

"It's not so much the slobbering its just that she seems really real in that way to where despite all the smoke screens she puts between us, I just know she's down to earth and right for me..."

"Wait a minute... Are we meeting today to work on your wounded heart again?"

"I'm not wounded, just confused. My situation aint deep enough to be wounded. I just get a little tired of the waiting, the not knowing, the unanswered efforts..."

"You know we been over this before and I've seen you put your heart on the line many times. Somehow, you have to figure out a way to stop waiting. Just do what you do because it's a part of you and then move on. Keep being you. Don't go broke trying to show these sistah's your a good man because no matter what you do or how you do it, that's a quality that will come out regardless."

"Yeah and that quality gets on my nerves. I'm beginning to understand why some fellas become no good..."

"Don't go there because that ain't you. I wish I could wave a magic wand and give you your slobbering chick but I can't. Maybe her ass dont deserve you anyway or you just gotta be content with waiting..."

"That's what I mean..."

"Sorry. Maybe you should try focusing on that million instead."

"Yeah, having that would make me slobber."

An hour went by though it only felt like ten minutes. I'd temporarily forgotten all about my confusion. Tuesday was always good at bringing relief to my spirit. She caught me several times just staring at her with a smile or losing myself in the soundscape of her voice. That's typically when that ghetto twang would surface. She'd put the brakes on whatever she'd be discussing and turn toward me.

"Okay, what is wrong with you now?"

I laughed. "Nothing at all. I'm cool. I feel much better..."

Tuesday had a life of her own to deal with so we parted ways. I'd recently bought this new cell phone which is the bomb because you can receive emails with attachments. I had two images waiting for me. They were sent by my good friend and business partner, Jayson. We do photography and graphic design, which we funded from the proceeds of our first venture, realestate. Jayson and I are always getting into something. We sit for hours talking about ways to make money and just like my girl Tuesday, Jayson had been a God send from day one. They say folks come into your life for a reason and there had been many days where I was looking up to the sky complaining that I can't find a good male friend. I'd get tired from dealing with jealous knuckleheads or trifling fellas that had a woman completely all to themselves but was trying to find a way to keep her happy and the other chick they got on the side. I was looking for a good friend just like I'm still trying to be number one in a certain lady's life. It was getting real frustrating and the friends I had, I would run from on weekends which would make outside observers think I was a loner. But in reality, I got mad friends all over the place. I just dont want to hangout with them for any length of time, that's all.

Jayson and I clicked right away when we met. I had the male counterpart of Tuesday giving me daps just because he liked my unsuccessful attempt at getting this fine ass girl to talk to me. She left me in the dust shaking my head. Jayson approached slowly as a stranger would but as soon as we spoke, we were strangers no more.

"I feel your pain, man. That girl was fine as hell. I wish I had my camera with me because even if I just captured her backside, that would still be a money shot! You feel me?"

Jayson had one of those Tupac laughs. It was infectious and real. My disappointment was gone and we'd spend the first hour standing next to each other talking about photography, traveling and women. Actually, everything we talked about had to do with women but what was so cool was that this first meeting never once felt as if it were truly the first.....
You And I For A Reason
Copr. 2005

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Captured this on Saturday, Oct. 29th

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I stop for sunsets. It's a good way to prepare yourself for the next blessing...