Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Nice to meet you, Ashe

Southern Girl Posted by Hello

You know, sometimes I get an unexpected glance, followed by a smile...inspiration. Sometimes a hello greets me after I've taken a risk with my own gentle nod...more inspiration. And sometimes something I've said, done or written ignites someone else's curiosity. That someone could be my imagination or it could be real. It could be my fascination or a light, no longer concealed. Either way, she came to me. She took a chance that I might be ready for her. Ready to listen and open to hearing without excluding a word or thought she may express.

They call me by my real name, though most assume another pronounciation before they hear me say it. It's Ashe, like ash. Not ash-shay, not ash-tray, but ash. I don't know why I'm telling you this but I thought I'd introduce myself and then tell you why. I'm even a little nervous about this. Writing you is strange. Maybe you don't even have time to read this but I guess I shouldn't doubt you right off the bat!

Your writing intrigues me mostly because you express such honest feelings through female characters. How can that be? You're a man! There I go doubting you again, huh? Have you ever been to Mississippi? I'm not sure I want to tell you where I live now just yet but I will say that I'm originally from Renova, which is pretty close to Cleveland, Mississippi. You probably never heard of either one, huh? Funny thing, I met this guy passing through Renova while I was visiting my family. He's from the westcoast. I believe you are too, right?

I was amazed that he'd traveled such a long way and he was just looking at me like he never seen a woman before. I think what was really on his mind was that he'd found a good looking black woman in a small southern town. He had that look. You know how you men are. He had me feeling like I was some dessert on the menu one minute and then the next minute I found myself wanting to follow him down the highway after we'd said our goodbyes.

Funny thing about that guy, he was so sure of himself that he slipped me his card. He said he didn't want to seem too forward but he figured he'd never get another chance. He's probably right. I'm not sure about calling him but his email address is on his card and then again, his address is too. I'm thinking of sending him a handwritten letter. Seems like that would be more personal. Sort of like a real piece of me and if he writes me back the same way, my curiosity might go a little further. What do you think? I hope you're still reading this. I'm thinking that because you seem to value friendships between a man and a woman so much, you might be able to give me some feedback or something. It's worth a try. I really did enjoy your book. Was that guy in the story you or did you make him up? (smile)


I read her words over and over again. I wasn't sure what to say, initially but I thanked her for entrusting me with what could develop into something very special. I told her I wanted to know how things workout for her. I dont expect her to give me intimate details but I wouldn't betray any sort of trust she'd place before me either. Thank you Ashe for saying hello and whenever you feel the need, holla anytime. Peace...

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