Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Reach

Reaching for dreams away from the scene of the crime; obscene. The time I put into wasting away, sad, misery, fading in the game playing of another's existence. Walking around like hot sand stuck to my face; eyes hidden. I tasted something I never imagined but always knew could be reality. Like a magnet I flew head first; smack! It took a dream to pry myself away from the misery. A reminder like a brick thrown in my direction. The mirror shattered. I didn't need the view anyway. I wore my reflection on my sleeve. All I had to do was lift my arm and sniff. The dirt at the end of my sleeve represented my future in two ways. Either I was gonna jump or fly, make it or die, live, hurt, fight, climb, reach, use my mind again and remember those dreams that I put aside. Bring them back to the forefront. I'm making effort more than a try...

Monday, February 09, 2009

Times Have Been Swift

Time never waits, never stalls, never blinks; it just keeps on going but it always leaves something behind in ways that everyone can relate. Everybody gotta story, a journey; a life… our footprints are etched in everything we do or have done during this time. Those footprints aren’t necessarily in the sand but in the hearts, minds, thoughts of others; be it good, bad or indifferent. Every once in a while time strikes me like lightning. I look around not so much literally but in searching through the pages of memories that flash throughout my mind. My mental file cabinet runs deep like the thousands of pages you’d find in some old county courthouse of small town America. It’s amazing to sift through pages like that. I used to go to the courthouse in Daingerfield, Texas where I’d discover family members I never knew about and some that I’ve heard about in stories handed down from family to family. Part of my main reason for the writing I’ve done in the past via this blog or in the stories that I’ve written is my desire for wanting to pass down not only something handed down to me but also stories, emotions, and situations that I’ve lived and/or have affected me in some kind of way. Right now my time is in an undefineable state or category. It’s like being in limbo wondering what’s next though at the same time being so thankful for the blessings that come during the trying times as well as the good times. A lot of that thankfulness comes from feeling like I’ve done all I can do and now must leave it up to whatever will be. I’ve made mistakes but the lessons resemble the hope filled bridge that I stand on now as I make my way forward. The thankfulness is also attributed to a special someone that keeps me so motivated, I’m always saying “wow!” That part of this time is defineable. Words come to mind like forever, incredible, special, grateful surrender… But time keeps marching on oblivious to what may come. If time were a person, he or she would probably be friendless because it never sticks around to see if you’re okay when you’ve fallen or congratulate when you’ve achieved. Sounds silly but I think about time like that, especially when those pages upon pages of memories flash various faces and/or experiences that have left me feeling some sort of emotion or even confusion because then I begin to think, why are some; actually, why are all people the way they are? Is it set in stone somewhere or is it just the result of decisions made throughout our personal journeys? Most times I believe, you know when you’re headed in the wrong direction. Something doesn’t feel right, similar to if you’re in your car looking for a destination that you found so easily on a map or googled and saw it so clearly on the satelite webcam thingy. You see stuff that doesn’t look right. Street names that make no sense. Nothing appears right and you get the feeling that every pedestrian that’s walking on the sidewalk is looking at you like you shouldn’t be where you’re currently at. The same is true when you’re at a point in life where you don’t belong except the only pedestrian is you standing in the mirror noticing a change… Hopefully that change is positive. A lot of times we keep going in the same direction and ignore all the warnings or oneway signs. I’ve been guilty many times of ignoring signs and even my own feelings. I’ve turned my head at suggestions coming from others who say “ask yourself is this right for you.” No need in asking myself if I’m already not listening. But then, time keeps marching on and that’s when, if you wake up, you can turn direction into wisdom rather than consequence because the latter is not a gratifying experience. But, depending upon your decision from this point on, consequence can do a complete turnaround. Thing is, it takes everything you got from rolling up your sleeves and getting back on track to every genuine ounce of humility that bleeds from your heart and soul... It’s not always certain if time will allow you that opportunity. He or she stays busy and makes no guarantees about who’s gonna be left around… Anyway.. (picture me sighing after this somewhat long ramble) I’m a thinking man, most times… :-)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

His Invisible Wife By Shelia M. Goss

I'm proud to create this video for one of my favorite authors and also very special sister-friend, Shelia M. Goss. This is for her new book due out very soon. I'm very happy to see her still doing her thang as an author. Still putting out great stories and accomplishing so much from one of the great states in this country, Louisiana! Enjoy and definitely support when the book comes out.. Available in bookstores and especially via Pre-order that baby! :-)