Sunday, June 20, 2004

A question I've been asked...

Virgil Anthony Rivers III Posted by Hello

What makes you able to write from the female perspective?
I was raised by a woman. Family defines a whole history of incredible women with great strength and I know they reside somewhere in my spirit. I come from two beautiful grandmother's. I've loved passionately in my life and received the boot in return. Kicked to the curb. Heart a woman. I've cried and watched a woman feel nothing on the other side of my tears, yet when I see a woman cry, it rips at my heart.

Women always show, teach, and reveal my life to me through the reflection of the most telling window in the world. A woman's eyes... I believe I'm okay. Even those that caused pain know this to be true. And those that light my future path, remind me to stay focused. Change if the change means growth. No matter the moments where I dip emotionally or in any other way, foundation always brings me back to the right path because if you can't find your way back, you sadly disappear or go crazy at best...(smile) My life reflects that I be able to relate to a woman's perspective and when I don't, it's only because I'm being a fool and not listening to my gift.

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