Sunday, June 06, 2004

Peace is a beautiful thang!

Lastnight I stepped into a marvelous and very comfortable space. It was very open, it was loud, it was filled with folks that were about to party their heads off and yet to me, it was very peaceful. It brought back memories of yester-year... It brought back that great feeling I used to have back in the day when I would hang with my father in and around Houston. One of the things my father did was promote concerts and with that, you'd quite often find me enjoying all those great acts from Earth, Wind & Fire to Lakeside to Rufus with Chaka Khan to The Brother's Johnson to Parliament/Funkadelic and the list goes on and on... Back then my dad and I could always be found at either the Summit Arena as it was known then or the Sam Houston Auditorium. Whew.. those were the days!

Lastnight, "those days" came back to me for about three hours spent inside the Staples Center watching Prince. And to my surprise he had Morris Day & The Time open the show. Wow! They rocked the house and had you wondering "what year is this?" While my feet are planted firmly in today's soil, I feel so blessed to have memories which take me back and feel so good! As I sat there watching this amazing show going on, I felt so at peace. I marveled at Prince and how he's truly become the amazing performer/person that he is now. He seemed at peace on stage. It was an electrifying performance as well as an emotional one. He connected with the audience, especially while performing a solo set with just him and his acoustic guitar. He lifted every voice in the stadium to sing along with him. It was again, electrifying but again, it was peaceful...

I felt incredible lastnight, sitting there with a good friend of mine. I was so blessed to have her there with me. My friend Angela. It was her first time seeing Prince live and I'm so thankful she shared that experience with me. And for a moment I thought to myself how "F'd" up this experience would've been if I had reached back into my past and taken a certain person whose motivation is purely selfish and couldn't see the light if someone parked a ten foot tall billboard in front of her window with the word L-I-G-H-T staring right at her. (laughing) Nah, I choose to move forward and feel what I feel now; excitement and peace. It's a beautiful combination to feel. It's like sitting next to a black woman whose got it together. You feel blessed just knowing you can soak in her spirit and listen to her talk about life. And she's a friend. A "true" unselfish friend. And maybe I'll meet her man one day so I can tell him "you need to take care of this lady, celebrate her unselfishly and keep reminding her what love is all about." Thanks Angela...

Thanks Prince for an incredible show! No one compares to this man. Phenominal talent. God truly blessed this man. As I said at the top, peace is a beautiful thang and I'm so thankful to be reminded. And this kind of peace is found no matter what's going on around you. Even if you're at a concert with thousands of other people, rocking the house, and tearing the roof off, you can still feel at peace. (smile) Or if you're in a city that's not always kind with folks constantly on the move and on the go....peace can be found. Or if you feel frustrated at times because you can't always get what you want, when you want it, peace can be found. I'm about to enjoy some more of it as I stand over a grill and smile at the fact that I am brilliant when it comes to making some delicious turkey burgers!! WarmBlessings to all eyes and open hearts that have read this... :-)

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