Saturday, November 27, 2004

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A Rainy Day In November...

A Rainy Day In November... Posted by Hello

The rain came down like crazy today.. God was bowling for dollars up in the sky and making all kind of noise... Lightning touched the ground in several spots but I didn't see any damage. I opened the front door just to take a picture of the rain coming down. It looked like this pretty much all day until the sun poked it's head out for about one hour. Mother nature was at work too.. When the sun came out it was as if a fresh coat of fall season color was placed on some of the trees. Then the sun went back behind the clouds and the rain started all over again. I'm gonna miss Mother Nature's show out here in the country and not to mention all the beautiful animals too. I dont see it that much in the big city of Los Angeles. They got other examples of seasonal changes and wild life out there. Stuff like less clothes or more clothes and over anxious holiday drivers honking horns for no reason. Back to the real world that exists for me as I begin hopefully a renewed journey toward success... A new assault on achieving all that I dream about and hopefully all that I deserve. Time will reveal all that...that...that there stuff whether I'm ready or not! (smile)

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Monday, November 22, 2004

A God And Mother Nature Collabo!

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God and Mother Nature collaborated on creating this so I decided to stop for a moment, capture it with my camera and sit back and watch for a while...

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Long Way From Home...

Long way from home... Posted by Hello

"You a long way from home... You get this a here where you come from?"

The old man spoke to me as I exited my car, camera in hand and ready to photograph anything that appealed to me. The man noticed my out of state plates. I was traveling through Omaha, Texas just doing a little sightseeing and killing time while wondering if I could ever live in the country.

"How you doing, sir?" I asked.

"I'm doing just fine. What you think of all this here?"

"What do you mean?"

"These purty colors and such. That's why I can just sit on my porch for hours. As you can see I dont get much traffic through here. A car go by maybe every fifteen or twenty minutes. Last car before you belong to my neighbor and you can't even see his house from here."

The man spoke proudly. I looked in his eyes and could see he lived a lot of years before he reached his current state of serenity. Could I live like this? I asked myself. I mean, I'm from Los Angeles. I work in a world famous hospital where stress is at an all time high because life be like that in LA. I just know when I get back to that world, I'm gonna have to catch up, literally. People move faster, cars move faster, life moves faster... I've seen signs of that in the small towns that link these beautiful country sides together but for the most part, they only going half the speed of their big city counterparts.

"What you got in your hand there?" The man pointed to my camera.

"Digital camera..."

"Oh.... seen one of those on television. Don't care much for 'em but I can understand you wanting to take pictures of the country. That's a good way to take what you found out here back witcha, huh? Yeah, I know how it is..."

I assumed that the man didn't want me to take a picture of him so I photographed some of the scenery around him and then snapped a couple shots of his house. Even though I had seen some enormous brick homes scattered throughout the area, occasionally I'd come upon how country homes used to look. This man's house was just that type of place. I could imagine sitting on a porch like his myself and after I took a few more pictures, I asked the man permission if I could sit and listen to the quiet with him.

"Pull up a chair. I got a son that stay in Houston. When he come here he can barely sit still cause he gotten so used to all that noise in the city. Let's see how you take all this here quiet" The man said.

"Oh, I'll be just fine. I love it out here..."

"Uh huh, well sit on down... Ain't no loud music out this way. Only them cows out yonder be keeping up a ruckus every now and a gin. Just the other day the swallows was flying by."

"Yeah, I saw them too..."

"Yeah, that mean winter coming pretty soon...We been having some good weather out here. Fall come kind of late seem like but either way, when it get here, it look just like what you see now..."

I told the man that when I first came out this way a couple weeks ago I didn't see hardly any fall colors but then as I made a couple trips to Louisiana and Mississippi, it seemed like each time I brought back with me a little more fall. The man laughed at me.

"It probably seemed that way, young man but we just last on that autumn trail you probably hear about. I dont travel as much as I'd like or probably should but sometime I visits family over in Texarkana. They usually take me a little farther into Arkansas cause one of they favorite restuarants is out that way. Well, on that highway around this time of the year you see a lot of folks just a taking pictures of the trees and what not.. Now that's where you need to go especially during the fall season.."

"Yeah, I was thinking about going there to checkout the Clinton library..."

"Ha! Yeah..."

Something about the mention of Clinton had the old man laughing gently to himself. I left his laughter alone and joined him in watching the beautiful country side. Only one other car went by in the hour that I sat there. But during that hour I'd see two deers, a hillside full of cows and few gorgeous horses roaming about as though they knew someone were looking at them. Horses act like they got a sixth sense for knowing when they're being watched and especially photographed. I had a great time but the question remained in my mind, could I live a country life? It would be an adjustment but I could do it if I had a whole bunch of horses, some cows, a few dogs and especially a special lady that wouldn't mind the same experience... Without that, a life in the country might drive me crazy!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Country-fied Peace!

Beautiful Spot... Posted by Hello

Today I followed this road leading beyond my imagination. I was merely taking in sights and snapping pictures at every opportunity. My fascination grew wild as I discovered long, winding roads with beautiful fall colors on either side. This is how fall was meant to be experienced!

I wonder sometimes the benefits of seeing so much and seeing it alone. I wish I could run and tell the world how beautiful nature is and how blessed anyone with eyesight would be if they were looking through my eyes today. Thing is, it wasn't just my eyes receiving this incredible gift. My entire being took it all in. Every nerve-ending on my body relished this experience as the road led me to a beautiful piece of land that overwhelmed me in the most peaceful way.

I got out of my car to explore. As soon as I stepped out, a strong wind wrapped around me then let me go... It returned several times like the feeling you get, possibly when you're in love or perhaps when you break through the clouds and reach heaven. I dont know, but I walked and kept walking. I didn't want to return to my car.. I wanted to revisit a time when you could claim a spot of land as your own, build on it and that's it; it's yours but I couldn't... Part of the land included a small hill and an old abandoned barn.

When I walked to the top of the hill, I turned to look.... Funny thing, I was turning to look for someone. Someone I could smile at and say "what do you think?" And perhaps she would say "I like it... We could put our home right there..."

I saw no one once the sound of birds flying overhead brought me back to my senses. I realized my imagination was getting away from me, again. Thing is, when you're surrounded by total and complete serenity, it's not hard to imagine love and all that it's mean't to be....I find myself wishing that I lived in a time where love was truly all we needed... Somebody always finds a way to remind me that ain't so... So in the meantime, I discover possibilities and photograph them so that deep within my imagination I can play a positive game of what if..... What if will probably follow me forever...

Friday, November 19, 2004

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

November Thoughts

November Thoughts Posted by Hello

Got a ton of thoughts swimming round my brain. Sometimes I be trippin this way. The obvious would be to say I'm going insane. *smile* Nah, I was just rhyming there but my thoughts have been heavy as of late... I'm loaded up with dreams, affirmations, disappointments, fears, goals, direction, retreat, forward progress, all balled up into confusion... A beautiful mess because I'm still a good guy or so my reflection tells me so... Still trying and still reaching... Still believing... hoping... praying... still... I keep myself whenever I'm able... just to think...

In the meantime, I'm gonna let the visuals speak until I've collected more that I wish to say...

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

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