Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Strange..

People are strange. People waste so much time not doing or being who they pretend to be. Imagine a life where no one takes advantage of anyone. Where no one tells a lie to get over. Where no one evades and avoids the truth in order to keep you waiting for something they had no intentions of doing in the first place. The world is full of folks like this and I keep running into them. This instance isn't as bad as the one which almost ruined my life and became a headache in the worst most undefinable way but nevertheless, this encounter was so unnecessary and a complete waste of time. Just someone who claims to provide a service but is too lazy to do things the right way. She keeps you wondering, waiting, calling, asking why, when and nervously she responds "tomorrow..I'll call you..." and then.... no call... Yeah, this encounter reminds me of the first one.. Another woman who lives her life telling lies every single day. They say that kind of stuff catches up to you. I'm kind of hoping I'll hear about it when it does catch her or maybe it has already. She'll be the subject of something I'm looking into... I thank God this latest encounter with a clueless individual only lasted a few weeks and yesterday I felt exhausted. Dealing with liars is an exhausting journey. The first one(PT) lasted three years and she still didn't honor her promise. The second(LL) is just plain stupid. Yeah, those are initials... *smile*

But life is just and things happen for a reason.. I fall back on love for comfort and find hope in the fact that another anniversary is around the corner for a very special union that began two years ago and is still so passionate, full of smiles, and without stress... I dont know how long I'll survive in this world with all the truck load of BS you have to negotiate around but whenever I go, I will feel like I was at least able to discover, to find what I always dreamed of in a woman, a lover, a friend.. someone who could be your everything and make you feel like sleeping with your eyes closed is actually okay and when you wake up the next morning, guess what? She's smiling again... Aint nothing strange about that... Pure blessing.. The other stuff, the other ish... I'll find a way to survive...