Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sistah Carla B.

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Thank you to my sister in Dallas, Carla B. for staying up all night reading my masterpiece. Carla began the book and ended it in one night, taking her into the wee hours of the morning. That's an incredible thing and now she gives very high praise to the story and says its a definite winner.. Thank you to Carla for that...

Now I gotta change the subject for a second and bring light to a little ghetto observance that I made today... I can't help but put this out there.. *smile* I was driving, headed to one of my favorite Starbucks. At the time I noticed this ghetto moment, I was semi-deep in the hood. I looked to my right and noticed this gheri curl drippin female postal carrier on her cellphone, yapping away and delivering mail. I could say the gheri curl or the yapping away was the ghetto part but it wasn't. What had me laughing about this moment was that she was delivering mail at 7:30pm when it was almost dark outside. Anybody getting their mail at that hour has got to be not too pleased... Ha!

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Shelia said...

She must be our new mailman because for the past few months we don't get our mail until almost 8 pm...don't make sense at all.