Monday, May 22, 2006

In This World

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In this angry world we live in, people dont care. They drive faster to keep you from getting in their lane. They cut you off when you're already there. No one remembers the concept of a helping hand.. Allow someone to blend in with the flow... Say hello.. Heads go down when an unfamiliar face approaches.. Some play the tough roll and greet you with an angry glare.. So much effort to be hard and yet unaware of the lack of energy it takes to be nice... Yesterday I came upon two men, both had a certain air about them. They were dressed in a way where you could tell they were probably from Jamaica or some caribbean island.. One was young and the older one had gray dreads. The older one walked with so much coolness about him. He was light on his feet and strutted with a quiet confidence. I first glanced at the younger one who nodded but his heart wasn't into it. Then I looked at the older one and felt as if I'd stepped into a garden of coolness. He greeted me by placing his hand on his heart and said "greetings my brotha.." And for that split moment the world was alright. I greeted him back by mirroring his beautiful gesture. I placed my hand on my heart as well.. In that moment it felt like we'd exchanged a feeling of pride. It felt good but after that moment was over I was reminded where I was by a brotha up the street with his chest stuck out and a cold hard stare on his face. He didn't nod at all. He just gave me a cold hearted look that got so intense I thought he'd have a tear or two drip from his eyes. You'd think I stepped on his foot but we were a slight distance away from each other. Then I heard car horns blowing, people driving way too fast and probably going nowhere, beautiful women giving you the gas face, and not so beautiful women looking down as if they lost some change.. The detached vibe that permeates this town can be frustrating at times and sadly I catch myself blending in with that negative mess too... As always whenever I do, I miss out on a beautiful moment and I forget how relaxing it is just to be nice... How rejuvenating it is to smile... It's a challenge in this town but the end result is such a great feeling that I gotta strive to at least try.

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Shelia said...

The world can be a cold place...there are neighbors who will watch your every movement from the time you walk out the house until you get in your car and if you throw up your hand to wave, they will look the other way as if you didn't speak...back in the day, everybody was friendly to everybody and you didn't have to worry about anyone messing with your stuff if you accidentally forgot to leave something outside, etc...these days folks can be downright rude...I feel that if you're staring that waving is acknowledging that I know that you're watching me...and I ask...what's so unique about me that you have to watch...does it hurt to's not everybody in the neighborhood just some.