Saturday, May 13, 2006

How will it be for them..

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Can you imagine what these kids must look forward to? Who's gonna lead? Who's gonna represent some kind of common sense that actually makes sense? I pray for their sakes that love prevails just enough to keep some sort of balance in the world. No doubt they will see tragedy, heartache, and horrific events that will shape lives and directions but something's gotta give? All this anger in the world and even folks on a small scale not recognizing all the pettiness that's so unnecessary in our lives, especially those that cut ties for silly reasons or those that de-value relationships with each change of season. Be unconditional and real with your love on every level, y'all.. These two kids will experience all that unnecessary stuff as well and maybe even be responsible for some of it but the sad part is that they'll learn it from us. Like always, the cycle continues and it'll be our fault..

Something I watched Tupac say in an interview was so on point and so cool. He talked about the differences over time in how we try to get what we want. He used being hungry as an example. Back in the day he said we would march and try to sing our way in. Folks might sing "we hungry, please let us in.." over and over.. But then his and my generation are more akin to saying "I'm picking the lock, coming through the door blasting!" Imagine what these young kids generation will be saying... As I said, I pray that love can keep things balanced and on every level, you gotta represent how you truly wish things to be... A smile feels great, a handshake is beautiful, a hug is a blessing... Positive words in passing can change a person's day, thus change their direction... Small scale but the difference means so much..

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