Thursday, May 04, 2006

My Life Shoutouts

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I'd like to take a moment to send a warm shoutout to my latest contest winner; Toni Bonita Robinson of Saint Marys, GA. She won a special "My Life" pack that I put together personally for her with all sorts of inspired creativity.. I dont want to say what's in there just in case she happens to be reading this before the package arrives. I definitely hope to get word of her enthusiasm when she opens the gift. I've been blessed with a lot of practice when it comes to doing cool things for people and it is the greatest feeling in the world to be motivated by doing something for someone aka giving... A new contest will start very soon and thus I'll have another chance to make somebody smile.

I also want to send a shoutout to a young person that likes to go by the name of Supermodel Jay from the Bronx, NY. What a nice compliment it was to read these words "For us as teenagers it makes us think twice about what Leesha had to go through and what she did to get by.. Ever since I picked up the book I couldn't put it down..." That meant the world to me to see that as I've been trying to get the book into more teenage hands including those young ladies who happen to be at a crossroads in their lives, spending days and nights in detention centers...

Over the weekend I experienced a really cool moment that continues to make me smile and feel good... I was enjoying the really late nightime LA air when I couldn't resist taking a detour over to Crenshaw Blvd. When I pulled onto my favorite street, I ran smack dab into some latenight cruising. It reminded me of years back when traffic was sometimes at a stand still. Nowadays they go overboard with the cars doing donuts in the middle of the street but the actual cruising is cool with me. I've seen a car or two lose control when doing those donuts.

Anyway, the cool moment happened when this silver Dodge Charger pulled up beside me carrying three lovely young ladies; two in the front and one in the back. The one in the back saw me and started flirting. She was saying stuff I didn't understand at all. I was like "what the hell are you saying to me!" I was joking but at the same time she was using a couple words that I just couldn't figure out but she was cute and I enjoyed that she was flirting with me. Traffic in my lane was starting to move but before I drove off, I pulled closer to their car and handed a copy of the book to the young lady in the back seat. She yelled out to her friends "look what he gave me!!" and I drove off. Further up the street I noticed the silver Dodge with the three ladies again only this time they had rolled up their windows, turned down the music and the young lady in the back was reading the book. I was like, whoa! Now that's cool... *smile*

I wanna close this entry by giving special mention and thanks to a really cool lady by the name of Amber Lisa in Virginia. Thanks for lovin the book, thanks for the incredible emails, and thanks for pointing out the powerful message of unconditional love throughout the story. I didn't realize I'd done what you said but I feel blessed that it came through that way because that's something that I believe in when given the opportunity to be just that... Thanks to your husband as well for being there with you when you got the book..*smile* I appreciate it...

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Shelia said...

I'm sure the winner can't wait to get her package. I love the way you blended all the photos together.