Thursday, May 25, 2006

If I Could

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If I could speak for a woman I never met or know...

Taken for granted and abandoned.. Love is like a headline tossed under yesterdays news 'cause nobody takes it serious... It's like the nourishment required is spent on self indulgence aka the "me" time that's supposed to be once or twice a week turns into ALL the time and no time for "we." And then someone is left wanting and missing.. Sifting through songs attached to memories that play with your heart. You get sick of hearing "when love calls you better answer" 'cause love left the phone off the hook and is out there juggling coochie; trying to be inspiration for a book. If I was wise, I wouldn't be looked upon as a fool. Crazy thing is that everybody knows but me; the foolish one cooking dinner. I made his favorite eventhough he said he might be a little late. I can still hear that song coming from my speakers in the den. "Dont let it slip away too many times because love may not ever come again." That was the jam back in the day and we danced to it. If he was here right now he'd change the channel; probably to something that makes him instantly think about bootie jiggling in front of his face. He'd like that... Some unfamiliar bootie that comes without a warranty saying in order to hold me you must be devoted, respectful, faithful, loving, dedicated, prideful, attentive, and not afraid to make love to a woman who knows you inside and out... a woman that sees you for who you are, even on those days when you're full of shit... like right now only I'm not supposed to know anything.


Greeneyedrican said...

Your pen is so beautiful, yet this scribe was a bit painful..I loved it just the same.

Mr.Slish said...

So thats what they're thinking. I told my lady the other day. " Sweetheart I will never stop courting you. If I should slack off a bit please tell me. Don't want her thoughts to be like this