Monday, May 08, 2006

Multi-Colored Watts

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Hungout in Watts yesterday, visiting the infamous Watts Towers. It was a multi-colored extravaganza and experience. You mention Watts to some folks and they're afraid to go anywhere near this very historical neighborhood. Yesterday was real cool as I took my friend Kim to checkout the Towers since she wasn't sure exactly where it was. When we got there we met a cute couple taking pictures and enjoying the surroundings. They came all the way from Japan. It was a trip to hear them say that but at the same time it was really cool. They were very nice. It felt like we were standing there appreciating and exchanging the spirit of our cultures.

After that Kim and I did the same as the couple and shot pictures from various angles of the towers and then I ventured off as I could hear the blues playing up the street. I found some folks playing cards outside in the front yard. A beautiful mixture once again of different cultures enjoying each other... What you see in the picture above are many of the images captured yesterday and blended together to make something beautiful just like the experience itself of being in Watts...

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Cashana said...

Beautiful. The picture captured the spirit of the words in this post.