Saturday, May 13, 2006

Eyes Of A Homeless Soldier

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People get lost down here; mentally wasting away. Some already lost before they come. They think it's they last hope. Like they gonna get picked from the crowd and be saved with a job but it aint that easy. I aint heard too many people on these streets use the word hope, lately. Hope get confused with destiny down here because in the end, what we hope for is a respectful way to go when it's time to rest our souls forever. Nobody wants to be an unidentified number just like we dont want to be living this life down here in the streets, huddled together telling stories about how we got here until those stories fade away and get twisted into something that sounds better than the truth... I got a story but I'm tired of telling it so now I just listen to others and hope that I can say something that make them want to put a happy ending to theirs..

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