Sunday, March 12, 2006

Your Touch

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Pre-defined like a shirt size, only coming in one fit. No spontaneity. Just a lot of wants, needs, no in betweens. All you meant to me was this...that.. we cant be....because? Typically the answer is what drives me insane because if you search real hard any reason given is like a stranger in a new town without a sense of direction and no map. where to go? Do like everybody else... Take the easy route...pull away, go somewhere else, say goodbye, disappear, move on, forget about the value of life and what each moment mean't. Forget about the shared smiles.... similar thoughts...different perspectives that result in learning something new... Forget about all those dots we connected as friends..The tiny little minutes that cemented time in the form of memories... If I died tomorrow would you care? Then why does that feeling hold less value while I'm breathing the same air? The touch that drives you insane is like a whisper that stays with you... From time to time you hear something in your heart and you wonder why. If they dont care then why should you? And if you do care, that puts you one step above most muhfukka's who claimed to be in love....

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Mr.Slish said...

Bruh you took the words right out of every frustrated nigga who's been in love with a chick who didn't love him back...When she finally realizes. Its too late he's already moved on to a woman who hears him loud and clear.