Friday, March 17, 2006

Mother's Day Everyday

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I'm a little too big now for mom's to hold me like this and I ain't got no hair no mo' either but she still got her's... Ha! I celebrate mother's day everyday, especially today as I say prayers and lend a strong hand, body, soul, and spirit of support to my mother. She's pulling through and hanging tough. She'll be just fine 'cause I got a few more things to show her that'll make her proud. It's amazing how time has taken us to where we are now. I dont even remember how I felt as a baby like in this picture above but I do remember my mother's hands. She wave's them at me most of the time now as she says her infamous words "I tell you, Anthony Rivers... you worry your poor old mother..." And I say to her, she gonna always worry even if it's way too obvious that I'm doing just fine. Life is to be lived but it sure would be nice if time slowed down a bit...well, sometimes anyway.

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Shelia said...

This post almost brought me to tears...and wasn't you just the cutest thing.