Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Six Discs In My Ride

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Right now in my ride I've got on heavy rotation these incredible CD's. All of which you probably wont readily hear on the radio, at least not in LA. Radio out here be stuck on a certain undefineable stupidness that makes you constantly wonder "why do they play that shit all the time!?!?" There are some that standout like the only true free form show on radio right now; Julio G. of Westside Radio on KDAY. Then you got the always cool Garth Trinidad on KCRW, the incredible seditious beats and knowledge of Fidel on KPFK, and I always like to listen to Sway & Tech when their weekly show comes on. Other than that, as I said..stupidness is put out over the local airwaves. But in a way that's a blessing because it makes you think and search harder for something more...something real...something special... That brings me to the reasons for this post... The music that I'm currently bumpin. My six discs in my ride...

1. Tennessee Slim Is The Bomb- Joi
This CD will blow you away and the lady is super cool and fabulous live... Raw..incredible.. Checkout the power of her song That's The Truth and you'll instantly fall in love with her song called I'm So Famous. Once you hear it, you wont stop playing it over and over and over....

2. Breath From Another- Esthero
Standout track on this CD for me is called Superheroes. I first heard it and discovered this artist recently on Honeysoul.com. Esthero is hella creative with her lyrics, production and style.. I'm feeling her whole vibe.

3. 3121- Prince
What can you say...Prince is forever the bomb and never ceases to be a part of my soundtrack. Standout cuts on this CD for me are The Dance, 3121, Incense & Candles, and Satisfied. I just wish he would've cranked up the guitars and made the song called Fury completely raw.. Just drums, bass and guitar was all that song needed...

4. Confidential- M:1
Dead Prez has always been a personal favorite of mine so as soon as I saw that M:1 had a solo CD out, I picked it up. The songs, the production, the lyrics are all standout.. I love the title track Confidential.. This CD is on heavy rotation..

5. Wikked Lil' Grrrls- Esthero
Once again this lady comes through with some incredible creativity.. The production is too cool and my favorite song right now is Beautiful Lie. Thanks again to Honeysoul for pointing me in the direction of this true artist.

6. Corrine Bailey Rae (self-titled)
This is another discovery I made on Honeysoul.com. This lady has an amazingly beautiful voice... Very different and yet similar in a way to Norah Jones. I heard this song(Young and Foolish) by a group called The Stixx that features Corrine Bailey Rae and I instantly fell in love with her voice. I checked out her CD and whoa... here's another beautiful artist with an incredible style... standout track for me is Like A Star.... beautiful...

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Shelia said...

If you like those then check out Soulidified by Hil St. Soul.