Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Beautiful B...

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"Words never hit home until they're discovered by the intended target..."

There's a woman I know that physically is a combination Rosario Dawson and Sanaa Lathan all rolled into one but on the inside she possesses so much self-doubt that she'd probably be intimidated if she sat at a table with those ladies. I can see her now, doing as she does with me, fending off compliments and always checking to see if any part of her skin is showing. She'd apologize a lot and continue with the tragedy of a beautiful woman holding her head down. She'd try to change the subject constantly and take away all attempts to reveal the reasons for the sadness in her eyes. She knows how to smile and give answers to camouflage the lack of spark in her soul but it always fades when she looks down before she finishes a sentence. She's beautiful but even on a good day you'll never witness her saying "yes, I am..." I pray she finds that spark which will allow her to embrace and celebrate herself because she would be unstoppable if she ever does. Peace to you.....B.


Shai said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And this case the beauty does not see herself as beautiful.

There are folks who in some eyes are not beautiful but radiate their inner beauty. There are physical beauties with ugly insides.

I feel the sista it is hard to give yourself props. I would like to know what happened to her for her to feel so insecure.

Shelia said...

Sad that she can't see the beauty that she possesses and the beauty must start from the inside. Sadly something must have happened so that she only sees what's not there.