Sunday, March 19, 2006

When the mentality just wont go away...

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I found myself in a situation lastnight, standing outside of a club taking in the show. I say show in a sarcastic way because it was a sad situation to see. Fellas allowing egos and negative mentalities to take a hold of them and not let go. I wondered, why... why does it have to be like that? These were all young men who looked just alike. They called each other out using angry words and spoke about killing each other. I dont know what caused this to happen as I was on the outside of the club. All the security guards had closed all doors in order to prevent anyone from entering and then all the drama spilled outside. And these young men pleaded with one of the bouncers to come outside so they could basically kill him. There was so much anger flowing when it could've easily not existed but that mentality took over. Something fueled all of this and I watched.

Watching this drama, I wasn't scared; I was amazed. I stood under the outdoor heater that they had along with other folks waiting to enter the club. Funny thing, we all developed an instant connection. Everyone was shivering so we all stood together and moved in close to each other to stay warm underneath this one heater. It was a direct contrast to the out of control drama going on just steps away from us.

Moments later that familiar sound of sirens approached. Police cars and officers surrounded the parking lot and the fellas creating the drama were pointed out immediately. These young men acted as if they were justified in creating the disturbance. They even tried to turn it into a social cry for justice when the fact of the matter was that they showed ignorance and were trying to beat on another man who was probably just doing his job.

It was a sad situation to watch but interesting at the same time. That uncontrollable mentality gripped those young men and wouldn't let go. One was arrested and because he was so intoxicated, he dropped to his knees and passed out with handcuffs on. The others just kept on talking. Eventually the more sober young men convinced the others that it was time to go but the mentality continued as they yelled at the top of their lungs "we'll be back to beat that muhfukka's ass. We gonna tear this club up next time!"

Let go...

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