Monday, March 27, 2006

The Beauty Of Rambling Thoughts

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Regardless of light, images reflect themselves... Regardless of sound, words I can hear as they come... With touch I see through darkness and with love, blurred images become so real. Memories are like shoulders to lean against for comfort. Struggles represent cornerstones full of lessons. The good times are like clouds as soft as cotton lifting me in full view of heaven. Friends are like monuments, some made of stone while others blow away like leaves. Women are dreams with smiles as captivating as a front row seat in the promise land. Some are not. Like the ones who only stick around as long as you stroke that spot which leads them to believe they gettin what they came for... A man can be a hero blessed with love that breeds a heart's reflection of truth. Unless he's a man whose darkness echoes the sentiment of shadows running from the scene of a crime... I lose myself sometimes in destiny's hands as nothing planned comes too easy. But a good day is a beautiful thing like the gift of a song that lifts your spirits when you least expect it. Imagine one word taking you higher, lifted by the voice of an angel with the kind of rhythm that reflects your entire life... The pulse of which only you can speak on... Let's dance right now.

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