Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Spring Fever Soundtrack

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March 21st was a pretty cool day mostly because two real cool creative masterpieces made their debuts in the world and thus, it was on! *smile* I'm speaking of 3121 by Prince and ummm... My Life Is All I Have by V. Anthony Rivers who just so happens to be me! Ha!

I walked into a Borders Bookstore and saw three fabulous copies of my book. I was proud. The books looked lovely and even better once I turned them around so that the beautiful cover could be seen by all eyes approaching... I'm about to hit up some of these walls on street corners with my posters so if you see one hope the beautiful lady on the cover is smiling somewhere and feeling proud because that was always my intention to have her feel good about herself and others who might see the cover and say "that's me and she is beautiful..." I haven't been blessed to speak with that gorgeous lady in a minute... She's not allowed to talk to me because I'm too sweet for words and mortal hearts or something like that... Ain't no thang... Life is good...

I went to Tower Records and picked up my main inspiration... My soundtrack creator for so many years. The one and only genius himself... Prince... 3121 is the bomb CD. The title track reminds me of the old days when Prince would open up a show with some mysterious sounding beat, warning the crowd that it's about to get funky and you're in for a show you'll never forget... This CD got some incredible songs on there that make you shake your head and say "how does he do it? And he's playing all the damn instruments too?" Radio needs to jump on this tune he has called Incense & Candles. And the ladies better get out a tissue when they listen to the song The Dance. And who else could make a song called "Love" one of the funkiest tracks ever.. That song is a good workout tune for the headset crowd. Incredible CD, Incredible musician... Blessed all around and I can't help but smile knowing that my thang was released on the same day! Is that cool or what? It's like heaven on a popsicle stick... Nah, someone else used to feel like that... WarmBlessings *


Greeneyedrican said...

Congrats on the book!!!!

There is an popular online book club based in Cali. That I am sure would love to read it, stop on by and introduce yourself.

Shelia said...

My two favorite people released something on the same day is a monumental occasion in deed. I will have to check out Prince's new album...I'm his biggest fan.
"My Life" is all that and then some to those who are reading these comments.