Sunday, March 12, 2006

Musical Saturday...

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First half of my weekend was a musical one... It rained hard this morning... The rain came down for most of the day but I found my joy right here inside, on the computer. I cruised on the internet highway to checkout one of my favorite spots.. They have this Soul2Soul podcast that is the bomb. I listened to that and discovered some cool tracks by N'Dambi and Kaskade that made me pop open a blank CD and do some serious downloading. I did just that but then I got the brilliant idea to go over to the NPG music website aka Prince and see what kind of music he had going on. I discovered some incredible stuff that I had never heard before. Some unreleased music that I'm sure other folks belonging to his music club knew about before but today I took a moment to download some. The standout for me today were three songs that I couldn't stop playing over and over again. They sounded so good that after a while the rain stopped and I could hear birds chirping outside. I figured the rain would come back but it didn't. That was my cue to hit the streets... I went to a local hand carwash and spent my time shining up the ride while listening to the Prince music that I downloaded... Other folks turned their music off and listened too...

The Dance
"I dont want to give you my love because if I do, I'll lose my mind... I dont want to hold your hand because if I do, I'll just want to follow you everywhere."

Underneath The Cream
"Somewhere in between.. can't stop thinking about your thighs.."

When I Lay My Hands On You
"The message you're about to hear is not meant for transmission... There should only be access to the privacy of your mind."

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Shelia said...

I love Prince. I'm his number one fan :)