Wednesday, March 15, 2006


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"Sometimes even the best laid out plans can't get laid..."

Nah, I'm not talking about a sex thang... I'm talking good intentions and wanting to surprise someone very special with a sincere effort to make her smile. I had plans to spoil a real cool friend tonight. Hugs, conversation, midnight stroll through special memories and all that good stuff. My horoscope said something cool. I typically dont read those things unless by accident but even after I had mentally made my plans for the latenight evening surprise, I smiled at the prediction or perhaps suggestion on the page. It read, reconnect with those that bring you joy. Thus, I was planning to do just that; reconnect with AAD, a special lady that's been a friend for more than five years. What prevented this from happening tonight? That situation that comes out of nowhere but always happens when you gotta be somewhere! CAR TROUBLE.... aaaaaarrrrrrggghh!!! A little bump in the road but I'll just make next time even better.. sweeter... beautiful and deserving like her...

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