Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thoughts on Nawlins

Nawlins before Katrina Posted by Picasa

Sending out prayers, positive thoughts and more prayers to the folks down south... I've been sitting glued to CNN for the past couple nights watching the devastation left behind by the Katrina. I think about how I was just in New Orleans seven days before the hurricane hit. I love the Big Easy. I always have a great time, eat great food, people watch, etc etc... I love the spirit of the city and how sometimes you're not too sure if certain folks standing in the shadows on corners are real or not... Now as I see the devastation I wonder if even those folks made it out safely... It is such a contrast now. When I was there it was beautiful skies and hot muggy days. Now its just plain ugly and tragic with the water rising and homes flooded... So much loss... I send out a very special prayer to my good friend Darrien Lee's family trapped or stuck somewhere possibly in New Orleans still. And prayers go out to Eric Peete and his family as well as other folks I was either blessed to meet or smiled at in passing... I love New Orleans and I plan to return as often as I can. Right now I just hope that the city can return to being it's wonderful self though I have no doubt for a long time now, things just wont be the same.... God Bless..

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Shelia said...

I don't know if things will ever be the same in N'Awlins...Words can't express the emotions I'm going through. These are my people being affected. I feel helpless.