Thursday, August 25, 2005

Say what! Been tagged again?

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Well, it appears that I've been tagged again but I must say that this exercise is a little bit hard for me as my thoughts change on a daily basis as to what I want in life, etc etc depending on my mood... I can sometimes wake up on the left side of the bed and feel slightly confused and then other times I'll wake up and know exactly what I want... Today I was tagged by yet another wonderful friend and fabulous author of the above book....Shelley Halima.

Seven things I plan to do before I die...

1) Become a bestselling author with my next book. I've got tons of positive energy and ideas behind it, an incredible lady on the cover, and a very very powerful story inside.. Watch it blow up!

2)Pin down this young character named Timothy and finish writing his story.

3)Love someone for who they are and not for who I wish they could be.

4)Put all my ideas and plans together to finish my entire home remodel and make it a celebration of me, my life, my memories, my family at least until or unless someone else steps into the picture and makes mine become ours...

5)Travel more and discover new heaven on earth places to share, talk about, and be inspired by...

6)Grow TALLER (Ha Ha...struggling to think up more stuff here..)

7)Find more ways to show the world that love is aight! It doesn't take away from your coolness or deflate anything you've built up over the years. Love is aight on all levels from friendship to the ultimate...

Things I Can Do...


Things I Can't Do...

1 thru 7) Focus any length of time on thinking about what I can't do... Instead, I seek to turn up the notch on numbers 1 and 6 of my can do list in an effort to work hard at developing whatever is necessary to overcome any stumbling blocks aka "can't do" things...

Things I Say Most..

4)Gee whiz...
5)Oh nooooo

Thanks Shelley Halima....*smile* That was fun....

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Shelley Halima said...

De nada, hombre! Grow taller? That's a good one!