Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Speaking from inside...

Cancer... Posted by Picasa

An ugliness reached inside me and pulled at my spine... My head is twisting like it wants to vacate my body... My eyes want to curl up and see no more..They tell me the only help I can get is from God but it seem like he trying to call me home... I dont really want to go...not yet, anyway.. Now I find myself lying in pain, screaming for another chance at yesterday. I wish there was a way for us to close our eyes, imagine really hard and wake up to relive those days we put off doing something else because of some crazy excuse. But it dont work and besides, when I close my eyes, I'm just trying to lessen the pain. My whole body aches. I want for my entire inside to leave my body and somehow have God make me new again but that ugliness wont go away. It just gets worse... and worse.... I lie here now with my mother's tears dripping on the blanket that covers me.



Shelia said...

I'm moved to tears...my Dad died from Cancer...and Cancer doesn't discriminate.

feels good b n FREE said...

Cancer took my mom at 39....it's so sad. when it steals it's so permanent.