Sunday, September 25, 2005

Motivation To Fly...

Motivation To Fly Posted by Picasa

The deepest of thoughts inspired by an innocent moment got me motivated to fly... I'm topping high speeds on the interstate trying to get back... Gotta get back for one more moment, one more smile, one more sound of her laughter, one more look in her eyes that shows she cares... I can see it... I can feel it and I pray she feels it coming from me too. This aint a practice run.. Every moment is based on something real and at the same time, just hangin together is hella-fun!! *smile*

Like I said, I'm topping speeds just to get back. I stop every once in a while for gas or a sugary pick me up. Damn, 2.96 per gallon at one station and 3.39 at another? I brush that off and get back on the road... I'm motivated to fly. I'd hungout at this cliffside spot overlooking the ocean earlier in the day before hitting the road. There was this one bird that kept flying in front of me. I took several pictures. Maybe it was used to being photographed because it kept spreading it's wings so wide as it came near me. It was beautiful to see but once again I kept drifting back to the reason why I wanted to return and relive a moment that I'd experienced the previous night. It was the first time and it meant the world to me... This kind of motivation makes you stronger and gives you purpose, especially when you're testing your eye strength and trying to stay awake.. Did I make it back? Well, you've read these words so the answer must be yes! *smile* But that moment? Whew... I'm still there! *smile*


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