Monday, September 05, 2005

New Hero?

Da General... Posted by Picasa

Is this a new media hero right here? Usually when disasters strike folks latch on to somebody and elevate them into hero status. Right now it seems to be Lt.Gen. Russell Honore. I can't say much about him but I have no doubt he will have his fifteen minutes and possibly thirty minutes of fame. I'm willing to bet folks will hold up signs and say "Honore for President!" He'll gain from this attention as media based America loves a man that curses and gets things done. I have no doubt he's being himself but its funny how this happens.. I hope he remains true to the cause of helping people and continues to remind his military why they are there.. If he can keep that up till the very end and use his energy to help make sure they rebuild that beautiful city of New Orleans he'll have my vote as a hero... President? Nah...that would only change him and probably make him into something he's not or wants to become. That Louisiana spirit of his drips from his soul... You can hear it in his voice and I hope he never loses that..


Berry said...

I loves that man! He is 4real!

LadyLee said...

Looks like people started moving their butts when Honore showed up in New Orleans and took control of the situation... I think Honore's an honorable passionate man!