Monday, April 04, 2005

Space For Rent

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I had a conversation with a young lady this evening. The first thing she said that struck me was "my heart has space for rent..." Before she made that comment I was only halfway listening to her. She was cute. She had a way about smiling that left you wondering what was really on her mind. She'd glance down on occasion or even stick her finger slightly between her teeth. I didn't mind. It gave an observer like myself a few more things to remember about her. But again, it was that statement that she made which really brought her into focus for me.

There I was, first sitting sideways, taking sips from my drink and half listening while watching the body traffic all around. In fact, her original reason for sitting with me was because she'd noticed I was having fun watching the parade of folks going about whatever it is they were going about. Otherwise known as people watching... She asked if she could join me and I didn't see any reason to refuse.

"Please" I said before standing to pull up a chair for her to sit on.

"A gentleman and a people watcher... I'm scared of you!"

I laughed. "Why you say that?"

"Because you're observant and yet at the same time, you dont neglect a woman that's in your presence."

"That's cool. I never really thought about it like that."

"I'm observant too and I notice things like that, especially with a man! Typically I'm just waiting for a man to do something wrong so I can place him in the same barrel I have most other men."

I laughed again but this time it was with reservation. This young lady was getting deep with me even before she knew my name. After a few sips of my drink and only quietly responding to her comments, she introduced herself. Maybe she felt me retreating a little bit because she'd been talking so much.

Her name was Cynthia and the conversation traveled through all sorts of territory from traffic and weather to the trials and tribulations of men and women trying to relate to each other. She told me I was a good listerner and complimented me on looking clean and fresh... I laughed and then I guess she could read the not-completely-understanding-look on my face.

She said "I mean that in a good way. You've got this look about you that's borderline playa but you're shy too and I've yet to see you even hint at anything sexual towards me."

"Well, some thoughts I keep very well hidden."

"Nice comeback. Now you just trying to be charming but I dont think you've looked at me in a sexual way."

Cynthia and I ended up in a two minute debate about the ways in which she could tell how a man looks at her. I took notes. She knew what she was talking about. Then she excused herself because she wanted to throw some used napkins away in the nearby trash can. She turned to look at me as she dropped the napkins in the trash.

She smiled. "See, that was a sexual..." she said.

I shrugged in defense. "What's sexual? What do you mean?" I asked.

Cynthia returned to the table.

"The look you gave me. I ain't mad at you, though. A woman likes to know she got it going on just so long as the man doesn't be disrespectful about it. You're alright, Anthony."


"So why you sitting alone out here looking like a loner?"

"I am a loner but I do enjoy company, too. Right now I'm just relaxing. Winding down from the weekend and watching the show."

"You had a busy weekend? Maybe a really hot date that's got your mind spinning?"

I laughed and thought for a minute how cool that would be if I had a date that left me spinning or at least dreaming of the next date.

"Nah, no date... How about you?"

"Actually I did have a date. It was cool. We went to this place called 'E' Cuisine. It's spelled Y-I but they pronounce it like 'E'."

"Good food?"

"Not bad... Asian sort of food."

"Good date?"

"It was nice. I dont see this man as a long term vision but he could be a friend. I've seen girlfriends jump way too quickly into things and then I have friends who hook up with some nice guy and then wake up one day and break his heart because he ain't moving fast enough... It can get confusing but personally, I have my parameters set up so I should be okay for now..."

"Meaning what you said earlier?"


"That space for rent comment..."

"Oh... yeah..." Cynthia smiled.

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Shelia said...

"my heart has space for rent"...I can think of so many comebacks on that one, but I don't think I'll post them here...ROFL.