Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm A Man Havin' Fun!

I'm silly... Posted by Hello

I might be silly for the picture but I sho is havin fun! *smile* Today I got inspired not in my usual way ie. writing or creating something visual. Nah, my stomach got inspired to tell me it craved some Sara Lee Chocolate Dream Pie... Oooh is it delicious and cold! Just perfect for a hot day in Cali! Yessssssss!

Thing is, I can't just go to the store, get my stuff and go home, I gotta be blessed with an unexpected moment.. Something that causes me to pause and say "humph, I may need to blog about this." Ya know, blogging is like suspending your thoughts in time so that you dont have to carry it with you as you continue on with your Well, I'm gonna look at it in that way.

Anyway, I went to the grocery store to get what I craved for. I remembered that I also needed some honey mustard for a future recipe that I wanted to throw together. So as I'm walking up and down, aisle after aisle I come across this one aisle that along with juices and other good stuff, stood this gorgeous mahogany sistah looking incredible. I wasn't gonna walk down that way at first but when I saw her silhouette I said "whoa!" I didn't say that out loud because I am a gentleman but I thought about it. Instead, I played it cool and nonchalant. I eased my way toward her not really planning to strike up a conversation but more so just hoping for a smile and a hello. Hmmm.. what did I get? An angry glare! Arrrgh!! And I got this look as if she's sending me a message that reads "dont even think about approaching me!" lol...

I kept walking and eventually found my honey mustard. When I turned to head toward the checkout stand, Mahogany was there in my way or I was in hers. We danced for about two or three steps trying to figure out who was going what way. The confusion sparked a reaction from her. She started laughing. She dropped something. I picked it up. It was some frozen egg rolls. I handed the package to her and she smiled. It appeared she'd dropped her angry glare or perhaps that was her guard. It was gone for the moment.

"Thank you" she said.

"You welcome..."

I didn't know whatelse to say beyond I guess I dropped something too but nevertheless, I enjoyed the moment. I told her to take care and I went on my way. I saw her again as I was pulling out of my parking space and she was exiting the store. I waved. She smiled and walked to her car. That young lady had a helluva walk too! Whew....

Now, here I sit blogging, eating my chocolate dream pie and listening to Trillville but not by choice! lol.. This is about the 50th time in the last two hours that the song is playing on the radio... This was fun.. I figured I'd throw in some personal experience on the blog after sharing a few excerpts from stories that got me crazy excited right now. *smile* Peace....

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Shelia said...

lol...looks like you're enjoying that Sara Lee Pie.