Saturday, April 23, 2005

My Life Is All I Have

My Life- Leesha Annette Tyler Posted by Hello

This is my favorite street novel right here! *smile* Not only because I wrote it but also because it's a journey. I love stories that take you somewhere and in this one you truly go through a lot emotionally. There's something big happening in every chapter and you get to see this young woman's life play out over time; sparked by an idea that grips a hold of her consciousness and wont let go. It causes her to look back and figure out why she came to the decision which could change her life and other lives forever... Here's a very brief excerpt as Leesha looks back...

All my life I wanted to be free. When I got old enough to have attitude, I defined my idea of freedom in very simple terms. I wanted to be a bitch, a princess, and a queen all rolled up into one. Young ladies ain’t supposed to be all hard. I keep hearing that if you living in modern times you gotta be able to stand up to all the shit being thrown your way on a daily basis. You can’t worry about being courteous or being a fuckin “lady.” Shit. I never once put in my list of dreams to become a part of the “in-crowd” and wear all that designer stuff. I can find just as good or better at the Slauson Swapmeet. I ain’t stupid. I know what to do with my damn money. I learned how to shop from my mama. It was about the only thing she taught me that was worth knowing.

I started realizing mama knew what she was talking about when I went to the mall one day, by myself. The only thing I could afford up in there was a t-shirt and maybe a cute little belt. That’s what I bought, too. I felt so bad. I’d see other girls from my school hanging out and acting up. They was fast and I was just getting started. Teenage boys stepped to them left and right. I sat down in the food court area and just watched the show. I learned a lot from watching. I liked the idea that females could have so much control. That’s what I saw when I watched those girls from school. They had control over any male that tried to talk to them. That is, if they knew what control was all about. I noticed most of the girls just collected names until they found themselves face to face with the most popular boys in school. Even though I wasn’t a part of any clique, I took notes until it was my time.
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Shelia said...

I love this entry. It makes me want to read the entire story.

VAR said...

Thank you Shelia.. :-) I can't wait for a whole bunch of folks to checkout more than just this entry. I'm telling you. This story is gonna pull them in like one of those awesome, can't put it down type of reads!!! lol...