Thursday, March 31, 2005

March 31st aka 3-31 Style...

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"You cant avoid death and taxes but you sure can think about not paying!! *wink* Just kidding Mister Uncle Sam. Your money is coming..."


I sat in my office chair contemplating writing this check for a never before thought of sum of money. I expected this craziness so the pain is bearable. It's like spiritually resolving yourself to the inevitable. It's like taking a deep breath and numbing your senses because this was a day you knew would come. It's like three things I was expecting to do this month or at least to recognize and then move on with my sanity still intact. Those things include: renewing my license. I had to go in to do this because I reached the maximum times where they simply mail you your card. I kept putting it off. I was thinking, damn, I'm gonna have to take an eye test and after all these years of looking at a computer screen, dealing with Cali air pollution, increasing population of bootylicious ladies and whatever else be out there in the ozone layer, my eyes might not be too cool! BUT, low and behold, my eyesight is right on point! I aced that little eye exam like it was nothing. God blessed me with some pretty good eyes and I am very thankful....

Next thing: My Birthday. It's a day that I let go by without much fanfare... I just aint into it and as I've told and reminded several people, it's not something I get into until or unless I have that special someone who would make celebrating such an occasion truly worthwhile. Someone on a romantic level.. Someone unselfishly motivated by love who could just take matters into their own hands and spoil me like crazy. They dont have to set things up by warning me that they dont have any money, which means the celebration would have to wait until they do. Hence, I'm supposed to delay my reaction and have folks singing the birthday song in a restaurant several days after the fact. That just doesn't work with me.. But again, I imagine if I did have that true special someone, I wouldn't even have to worry about this sort of thing. Instead, I'd be blogging a week later with pictures, thoughts and an attempted recreation of what it feels like to have returned from heaven... And I guarantee you, once someone hooks me up in that special way, I will return that blessing ten times over!

Final thing: Taxes. All I can now say is OUCH!!! Uncle Sam hits hard! I'm reminded of this picture I always see at work in the elevator. It shows Uncle Sam pushing up his sleeve, ready to put in work with a balled up fist. The closed caption from my point of view reads "I'm comin for your ass Anthony so be ready!!" And I say to that the same thing that I'm able to stand up and say to love... I dont really want to pay right now, but I am ready when I know it's time... I'm glad March is on it's way out!

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