Wednesday, April 20, 2005

For Your Eyes In August

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Coming out in August is a very special anthology that I feel extremely blessed to be a part of. I can't wait to see it out there and to hopefully receive a couple or so reactions...*smile* I think the story will definitely move a few folks and perhaps leave them thinking about L-O-V-E and the way we respond to it in today's times. We always talk about life being so short so I constantly wonder why we take the best most meaningful part of it for granted? Or worse yet, we fear it.(Love)

Take a peek at some dialogue from my upcoming story, Love Is To Blame. It's one of three novellas featured in this anthology, "Love Is Never Painless." This excerpt shows the main male character(Malcolm) writing in his journal.

“I wanna be in a situation where we can talk about life and feel understood. That beautiful kind of vibe where smiles coincide with fond memories of what used to be or could become… No blank stares following that overused familiar exclamation point of; you know what I’m saying? We can talk until the wee hours of the morning, only stopping every once in a while for passionate lovemaking. We’d understand the true importance of getting to know each other. I wanna be able to say things that go beyond love. It’s a beautiful feeling to say I love you more, but after the passion has subsided, I want to continue feeling proud of the person that I’ve come to truly know. And within that pride, I imagine there would always be some sort of motivation to keep the passion simmering and the effort would always be mutual. That last word should be underlined in everyone’s consciousness. Mutual…”

Malcolm sighed and looked over what he’d just written. His heart was pouring out on the pages of his journal as he recalled how he used to think before his experience with Shaylisa. It seems so foreign to him now to actually believe that love was possible or that trust could be fact, rather than fiction. A woman actually giving and not just taking from the relationship? Malcolm shook his head in disbelief as he returned to writing in his journal. His thoughts seemed to take on a more doubtful perspective. Malcolm wrote…

“Sometimes I wonder if I’ve taken the wrong route toward my recent discovery. For whatever reason, God took a while to turn the light bulb on and present to me the reality of how cold hearted love can actually be. I’ve been in situations that had no strings attached or so we tried to convince ourselves. Personally, I believe there’s always a string attached. That string is about life and discovery. Sometimes on one end you’ll find an optimistic heart while on the other end you’ll find a selfish soul with a talent for manipulation. Sort of like some chick who will come up with a scheme to get what she wants by giving you a choice on what you should buy for her rather than her trying to do the shit for herself. I used to be so optimistic before, but rather than become manipulative too, I choose to be alone.”
A tear fell from Malcolm’s eye. His anger felt justified but it didn’t feel like an emotion he could hold up with pride. He wondered how much time would go by before he could trust love again.



Shelia said...

I enjoyed the excerpt. It does make me wonder why when it comes to Love, we have to go through changes. If people stopped playing games and would be real with each other, I think it would save a lot of heartache.

VAR said...

So so true, Shelia... I'm hearing that song right now; Love Changes. *smile* Love in my mind is suppose to inspire, to uplift, make you feel incredible, make you want to hold up the world with one hand and point to the place you want to take your love tomorrow! lol.. Love shouldn't become some kind of game you use against someone to make them lose their mind. Now I'm thinking about that song that says "when love calls you better answer!" and hearing somebody in the background screaming out "put it on hold!!" lol..