Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Flowers I Left Behind

Flowers Of Moriah Posted by Hello

I traveled for miles thinking about my children. Two daughters I left behind because I was told they couldn't come. Mister Clark say they old enough to fend for themselves and "besides..." he say with a smile on his face. "You about to begin a whole new life so you dont need to be weighed down by unnecessary weight. I aint got much room for them no how."

I didn't much listen to Mister Clark because no matter how he say it, none of it makes sense, especially when his words just bouncing off all the pain that was collecting inside of me. Still, I had to keep myself strong and somehow believe that in my heart, God make this all work out just fine. I dont know how he do it but I seen miracles happen before. Blessings come to those who need him when it's the proper time.

Mama used to say to me "aint no good to recognize somethin if you aint doin nuttin about it." As I traveled with Mister Clark from one state to the next, I learned how to think and plan ahead. I guess some would call it dreaming but it felt to me like I was doing more than just putting empty promises inside my head. I figures once we get to where we was going, I could finds a way to be with my daughters no matter how long it take. Love so powerful it can't be separated by distance or even years and aint nobody strong or evil enough to pull love from my heart. I refuse to allow it. I may hold a cold shoulder to a stranger at times 'cause I got to protect myself but family whether kin or friend is always welcome... (to be continued...)

Copr. 2005 Flowers Of Moriah


B.E.G said...

I love your writing and the pictures are amazing.

Shelia said...

I want the hole story...don't just tease us like that (smile).

VAR said...

Thanks Shelia and BEG... I cant giveaway the whole story but I gotta tell you, I am so proud of this one that I've been working on for more than a year. It's based on the life of my great great grandmother Moriah and my curiosity to know what happened to the two daughters she was forced to leave behind in Alabama. Maybe one day I'll find out for real but in the meantime, my imagination has been working overtime.. *smile*