Monday, July 04, 2005

Two Great Ones!

Yasmin & Jamise Posted by Picasa

On Saturday morning in Nawlins I had the extreme pleasure of hanging with two awesomely talented ladies... I was blessed for sure.. Yasmin Shiraz is such a beacon of energy and light. She's a fabulous, fabulous, fabulous lady. I look forward to seeing her in action again sometime soon. This was my first time meeting her but I immediately felt as if I were in the presence of a friend. Very wonderful person... Check out her work and I'm sure in no time she'll be writing the blueprint for achieving success!! *smile*

Jamise L. Dames has been like a sister to me from the very beginning. I can't believe how long I've already known her and how the years have whisked by like the brief windstorm I drove through when leaving New Orleans behind in my rearview mirror... lol.. I was reminded how long we've known each other when Jamise shared a cool story about her very blessed husband. I'm proud to see her finally out with a new book and hope that she pushes them out a little faster now... Ha Ha! *smile* Check her out too!

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