Friday, July 22, 2005

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Beauty is within the eyes and soul of a real man who can respect such a gift without needing to touch. Though he may wish to touch and imagine. He may dance around ideas leading to quiet whispers and heavy breathing because he's only human but most of the time he's thinking about ways to praise this gift to the world. He wants for her to see what he sees; an awesome beauty whose true essence is deep. Her smile is a reflection of that and the way she carries herself so tall, even without those four inch heels on... He sends out a quiet prayer to the heavens above; make sure this lady has every opportunity for success and keep it positive because she deserves every ounce of the best!


Layloni said...

Wow, that is so great. Its amazing what can be done with a picture, some technology, and the words of a truely talented writer. Again, I thank you for making me smile every time I visit your place here in cyber space ;)

Ms. Maybelline said...

That was nice. Did you pen it?

VAR said...

Ms. Maybelline.. I definitely pen'd this as the subject inspired every word.. :-)