Tuesday, July 19, 2005

From A Friend...

A.R. Posted by Picasa

Dear Anthony,

It's been a minute since we last talked about dreams; the female kind that you used to describe to me. The way you wished you could find "Miss Everythang" and be able to spoil her without her getting too used to it. One week I remember how you mapped out a plan. Monday was lunch. Tuesday was dinner. Wednesday was a thank you card and flowers. Thursday was a stroll through an outdoor mall. You wanted to see which things captured the attention of this lady. Then Friday you'd meet up with her holding a large box with a surprise in it. She'd smile and say "hey, I saw this yesterday! It looked so beautiful in the window!" No doubt you'd probably smile with real pleasure coming up from the deepest part of your soul. I know how you are or at least were. Like I said, we ain't talked about that sort of thing in a while... Last thing you told me in reference to that situation was that you loved the closet space you're now blessed with; like you ain't ready to share! Ha!

How you been lately? I know, you been busy writing, working and probably wearing yourself out. I glanced at you one time when we crossed paths real quick. I seen the redness in your eyes like you been pulling an allnighter. You played it off and just smiled but like always, your hello was sincere. That's what I always liked about you. You'll look folks in the eye and say hello. Even your handshakes are crystal clear that you ain't just going through the motions. Who was that chick you told me about that said you give good conversation and you're never disrespectful? We had a good laugh about her because you said you basically figured out keywords to keep her talking. I know how you do but that's alright because you could probably teach a course in "How To Listen 101" and make a ton of money. Ha! You got that smoothness working for you, brotha.

Check this out... I did get your email about two weeks ago responding to my strange theories about how in one glimpse we look like somebody else. Don't start laughing again. Hell, I seen an example of what I'm talkin bout in Tiger Woods of all people. For a split second when he was about to hit the golf ball, he looked just like his father. And then that look went away and he was himself again. I seen it with you too but what do you see? I'm always curious about how you be thinking sometimes. I even wonder how it makes you feel when people, especially ladies say you too quiet. I seen your middle finger almost go up! Ha! Nah, just kidding.. I remember you saying "some folks got the gift for gab while others like me are predisposed to just think a lot. It's like an anchor that you can't untie sometimes. It's a blessing and a curse." You have me thinking that with the words you do choose to share, you're just transfering that anchor to the next person so they can have something that's gonna quiet them down with thought... Am I right? I know how you do.... *smile*

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