Sunday, July 24, 2005

Back in the day when life needed a little more effort

Back in the day.. Posted by Picasa

There are times when I love to go back; way back... For the most part, it's by choice but other times its beyond my control.... It's as if I'm hit with memories I aint never lived before. Some would probably say its a past life experience knockin on the windows of my imagination. But to me; I think its my ancestors telling me their story, what they seen, been through and/or lived. I always listen and pray that this connection never gets turned off. Maybe one day I'll be the one passing down stories and making my presence felt through an object, a smell or some kind of deja vu type vibe floating in the air...

Today as I was getting ready to get out into the hot Cali sunshine (summer has finally arrived!), I walked past an old dish that's been in my family since before I was born. I've always seen it sitting in my grandparent's house for as many years as I can remember and yet today, it sits in my house... I'm trying to find the perfect place for it. I hope to have a room full of memories after I do a little remodeling. This dish, which I guess is a pitcher and bowl combination was almost speaking to me today. It whispered memories and reminded me how good I have it with running water that I can turn on and off whenever I want to. Back in the day they had to fill the pitcher with water and then pour into the bowl when they washed their hands... I keep visualizing my grandparents doing this and my great grandparents before them... Then I start getting the urge to travel to east Texas and Louisiana for more inspiration... That in itself is a blessing because based on the stories I've been told about my ancestors it took them a long time to get where they were going. I can travel where their spirits continue to walk the land by taking a three hour flight. And, I can do it because I want to rather than being forced because someone needs to live off of my blood, sweat and tears. We got it good and never seem to realize it... Today, recognizing our blessings seems to need a lot more effort.

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B.E.G said...

You are so's easy to take it all for granted.