Monday, July 18, 2005

Tha Shaw Is Alive And Still The Same...

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Saturday night I was out late, it was a gorgeous night and I happened to take a right turn onto Crenshaw Blvd as I swung around Leimert Park. There were a few lowriders in the park area and white t-shirt clad brothas hanging out.. Not really that many folks but it looked like a cool time.. I kept going and continued on down Crenshaw. Then once I got past MLK Blvd., still remaining on "Tha Shaw" I ran smack dab in the middle of street party wildness!!! Oh my goodness!! My windows were down so I could instantly smell the rubber burning from the pavement.

The traffic was at a stand still as a few feet away there were two cars burning rubber and going round and round and round... People were screaming from parked cars along the side of the Crenshaw strip and other cars were revving up engines.. It was part exciting and part crazy ass shit! I hated for something bad to happen like one of those fellas losing control of their car and then running over people or hitting other cars but this little spectacle has been going on for years and years... I thought it had pretty much stopped but the action was back in full force. I pulled over to the side. It reminded me of days gone by. I noticed folks ranging in age from 18 to 40 something... I guess the word got out that this craziness was going down because at times I would notice some young ladies cruising in their cars wearing nothing but see through lingerie and fellas would empty their cars just to run over and speak with any woman showing skin..

It was a spectacle to see and then an hour later the police came to shut things down... They blasted their sirens and a helicopter came overhead to shine the light down on the crowds of folks and cars... Funny thing though, the party just moved further down Crenshaw to another area where people could park on the side and watch the show... Things got out of hand there too and the police showed up about thirty minutes later to shut it down... Sadly, the night ended with someone racing their fixed up car down Crenshaw headed toward Manchester, losing control and flipping over... I'm not sure if the person was killed but I cant imagine anyone surviving the way that car looked... And Saturday nights craziness left "Tha Shaw" with circled skid marks everywhere and police cars cruising; making their presence known to let folks see that there would be no repeat performance on Sunday night. No matter, I still cruised through the hood and especially through "The Jungle" to take some pictures with my friend KR. Aint much changed over there either.. One guy yelled out to me "take my picture, homie!" It was like a dare. I dont think he expected me to but as soon as he said that, I took the picture! *smile* Snap! I wish I had been closer... He was speechless after I took it... KR and I laughed about it and then we continued on... I would later get this other shot of this guy driving next to us as I demonstrated the coolness of my canon rebel camera to KR. I looked at the picture and thought to myself, Cornrolls and Cadillacs; ain't much changed over the years... Just like Tha Shaw.

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