Monday, July 04, 2005

The streets keep me sane. Folks pass by and wonder bout me. They decide for themselves how I live my life cause I sit here with less on my mind than what they got. But I smile more than they do. I dont even worry bout collecting money cause they done took pictures of me. Somebody say I look fascinating. Somebody ask how old I is. None of that matters. Just appreciate that you see a man who mean no harm and sit here before you like a living work of art. And if you sit and talk to me, you might finds I got a story that'll have you realizing just how lucky you is. Photo by KR
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alli-babe said...

probably worst time to comment...listening to stevie (blame it on), "bitch" will be here next week and feeling alone........but, i like this...made me do something i don't do often; think. :-)

Shelley Halima said...

Same here alli-babe. I try to prevent headaches by cutting but on all that thinking stuff but this got under my non-thinking radar.

B.E.G said...

Amazing....your post is exactly what I think when I look at the picture.