Monday, March 14, 2005

Cheers to the romantic dreamer called me...

Billie Posted by Hello

What causes a woman to lose her spirit? I guess I've always wanted to be that mysterious gentleman riding in for the sole purpose of making a woman's life beautiful. Unfortunately, I've run into brick walls known as reality and tasted the bitterness of issues beyond my control; more reality. But even still, I dream... I love the romantic notion of being that hero in a woman's heart or perhaps affecting her life in such a way that I forever remain a memory that she can pull from the air and say "thank you; I know why you were there for me."

My thoughts bring to mind the times when I use to imagine going back in time and saving the life of Billie Holiday. I was very young then. I used to think about this so much that I'd end up dreaming about it as I slept at night. The dreams played out with me romancing Ms. Holiday, sharing conversations that revealed her shyness, and eventually seeing her on television accepting her lifetime achievement award at the Grammy's, which meant that she'd survived and lived a long and beautiful life. Strangely enough, I'd always die at the end of my dreams about Billie Holiday. Typically it was at the hands of her jealous lover.. I guess being a romantic comes with a price tag...It's always worth it when you can see a woman with a special gift, shine for the world to see be it in the spotlight or just walking down the street, struttin with a smile on her face... I called it "A Change Of Day."


ngaster said...

The question to be answer is, "what causes a woman to lose her spirit?"
I don't know about other women but in my case I lost my spirit when he first lay a hand on me....I couldn't and didn't know how to pick up the pieces for 7 years. Living with no purpose but just to live.... Feeling hopeless, weak, and loving the wrong man..... Live today like you have never lived before...Enjoy the moment with all your being...Brush off the negatives and carry the postives...Your life is what you make of it.....Don't let anyone till you otherwise.....
Anthony, thanks for letting me make this comment.

Your friend for life,

Sammie (in Diego)

kaba said...

First I'd like to give a comment to Sammie...
Believe me when I say that it is not only the positive that makes you you but the negatives also and how you made it through... It may be hard but you must also take those negatives because it makes you a better being and teaches you throughout your life helping you to reach higher plains.. not pain.

next for V. Anthony

your comments touched my spirit and made me cry... cleansing.. we all need it sometime thanks so much... But all women lose her spirit from time to time but we are always searching for that man in shining armour to rescue us whether we be fine or whatever, within us all is beauty and it takes that special person to see it as we some times don't or we get to use to what we see day to day. I have often wished that some one would come to my rescue but through the years and looking back I see that through every step I took there was someone there helping, holding, and pushing me through those times when they were needed but it took looking back and not being able to see it when it was there. Oh how I wish to be able to replay those times but alas we must go through and be thankful for those times and go on from there. Again .. Thank you