Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Rambling Thoughts Again...

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Decisions sit pasted to the table like yellow posted pads. I'm not even sure which one to tackle first, second, third... Typically I go with the one that moves my heart rather than the one which could make life a little uneasy like not paying a bill. Not that I'm behind on my responsibilities but that stuff just dont motivate me the same way. Compare the two experiences. I write a check, place it in an envelope and then mail it off. My reward is that days later, my bank account has less money in it. I'm not really feeling that too much. However, check this out...

Imagine a tall beautiful cafe-o-lait or chocolate or honey-coated or cinnamon or caramel saturated sistah with a personality just as sweet and a walk that'll drive you insane thinking about it. Your insanity borders on an overexposure of the truth, which is, you dig this girl a lot. You spend unplanned moments embellishing reality with dreams of rose petaled pathways leading to her discovery that you are or at least could be THE ONE.

Those decisions you place before you only hint at what flows inside your heart inspired by reflections noted within your soul. You're merely just trying to spark her interest and turn on that switch which illuminates her smile. This ain't about over-powering the Queen. Too many ladies got themselves trained these days to turn off their smile once they step out into the world. Nah, this is about you being brave enough to represent the honest truth about you, both good and bad. This is about the potentiality of you as King and the quiet reality that shows you know something this special requires move or gradually slide into her focus.

So, you wait and you love it when you find new ways to reach her. Your motivation is the best kind because it's not even about you. It's about her and hopefully she finds no struggle in recognizing real sincerity because it would be her loss if she doesn't. The reward is endless, unlike that bill paying which only means you can keep your stuff a little longer. How you represent you can last forever, even long after you're gone. Just imagine your spirit leaning against the wall like a shadow that needs no one to keep it standing strong... You can lean the same way and be remembered with love... But again, I'm just rambling... *smile*

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