Friday, March 04, 2005

What Was February Really?

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Black history month seemed like a farce to me.. I didn't really see much within it to celebrate with the exception of the amazing moment that I witnessed when Jamie Foxx won the Oscar award for best actor. When they showed the clips of his Oscar nominated competition, I smiled... I said to myself, they dont even come close to what Jamie did... Thank God the powers that be who give out that award could clearly see that too...

But anyway, despite that moment it seemed like what I heard most during the month of February was a bunch of nonsense like 50 Cent and The Game fighting over stuff that matters not in the whole scheme of life and what we hopefully are placed on this planet for. Where's the love? Where's the support for one another? We're like fish in a tank(that we dont own) fighting each other and everybody is watching... Everybody is laughing too and quite a few are imitating the negative that we put out, which is the sad tragedy of it all because instead of taking away from this month the pride and dignity of Jamie Foxx setting the stage on fire with respect, humility, LOVE, and an awesome display of talent, we have fools setting the stage for what? Another round of rap wars? Loss of life because we got millionaires with un-focused minds and mentalities that refuse to take it to the next level in a positive way? Reflect what you been through but show that a rose can truly grow from concrete, to paraphrase Tupac.

Black History.... Hmm.. I'd like for everyday of next February to include a roll call of black people/African Americans who truly give us reason to smile with pride whenever we step into a room or fill out forms where we check the little box. Lets have local radio stations sound off with a powerful voice similar to either James Earl Jones or Avery Brooks (my favorite) and have them read a list of names... whew.... it would be a powerful experience just to listen and allow your mind to fill up with images and thoughts ranging from intelligent, survivor, gifted, passionate and beautiful, to intense, gorgeous and inspirational.. You will be inspired and you will also sit in amazement and say damn, what am I doing with my life? Black is truly beautiful but not enough folks know what that truly means or even represents... The knowing makes us strong and the caring allows us to live...

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