Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Rollin Back A Memory..


Rolling back the hands of time and memory when romance took me to northern Cali... I remember this young lady with an interesting name.. Xochilt... I met her by way of the internet when it was just beginning.. AOL counted the minutes back then and if you weren't careful..chi-ching! You got hit up for a big bill... Nevertheless, I caught a sweet connection with this lovely lady.. She intrigued me with her innocence while at the same time she was always determined to voice her opinion and be the shit, constantly.. She could verbally move from a northern Cali way of speak to a very heavy caribbean accent in seconds... I loved the sound.. I drove hundreds of miles one time just to deliver flowers to her on her job. She was thrilled and touched. We celebrated with lunch on Fisherman's Wharf, ate lobster thermador and listened to some sweet caribbean music played on steel drums.. We had a nice time.. It remained nice for a while; this moment in time until the threat of a deeper relationship made things complicated. Neither of us were ready and I had no clue back then either... I made desperate attempts to understand my own thoughts but everything got foggy.. We argued over silliness which sent us both in strange territory.. We lashed out and things ended... We gained nothing but a need to dislike one another for reasons that will forever remain a mystery to both of us... Friendship should've been the foundation we should've worked on.. Friendship is the kind of soil you can walk on forever and thus wake up ten, twenty years later and still be able to say "yo, what you up to today?" and be able to smile and laugh and pick up from any amount of time left behind... I think back and pray that this lady is alive, kickin, lovin, and bless'n the world around her with her spirit... I dont know what makes me think of her now but when memories come I figure, you might as well share..... Blessings... Posted by Picasa


Shelia said...

Was she the one that got away? Hmm. :)

VAR said...

They all got But no, she's not the one but I miss her friendship..