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I was asked to contribute to this wonderful exercise expressing my thoughts or I should say, responding to the thoughts of a woman. It's featured in a wonderful online magazine called Bahiyah Woman's Magazine. The website address is Jump on over there and enjoy. It's very good. For now, checkout this fabulous piece that I had the priviledge to be involved in.
The Battle of the Sexes - Or Is It? (Part I)
by Guest Blogger Sharon "Shaye" Gray

Dearest Handsome,

Is it all a farce?
A devilish ploy, designed and passed down through a wicked fraternal tradition, to make an innocent succumb to the perils of premarital sex and other various faux relationship woos.

Am I your toy?
Your ultimate conquest?
Make her whimper-fall prey to the big bad wolf? Am I this said prey that has beeen once hunted in pure play in hunt of a quick thrill?
Is this deviant and ill-composed ‘chase’ really worth future heartache of another?

Are you playing me?

What is it you desire?
My sex?
My squeals from intimacy induced dances?

I plead in lack of angst or even in seek of anything else beyond pure curiosity derived from my deep skepticism, grave fear and horrific past heartbreak.

What is it that you want from me?

Woman to man—
Straight with no chaser
I present to you in all of my nakedness. My truth.

Will you let me be...let me free…leave me...
If it is so—that your intentions are tainted for other desires than love.

If you seek a lover—solely and purposefully please let it be known and save me another grudgingly heartache at the expense of my dignity.

Let me be.

If you seek a buzz—a quick sexual jolt, an exchange of temporary ecstasy—be loud with your tongue and speak your rendition of the truth. I will listen.

Do you not aspire all of my essence in which enthralls one and weaves a collage of passions and whimsical tales of wanderlust?

You see...and I whisper this from within so mark my honesty with my life and the life of my unborn.

I like divinely, adore intensely and love immensely.

That’s my hand of truth—in all is bare so I plead in earnest repertoire,
For you to reveal your earthy intentions with me. My affair. My adulation. My love
Confess now, let it generously, and mercifully unfold...
Is it, indeed all a farce, as it was softly, from above, undoubtedly told?
To me. About you.

What is it that you seek?

The Battle of the Sexes - Or Is It? (Part 2)
by Guest Blogger V. Anthony Rivers

Dearest Beautiful...

I feel as though you mistake me for another. For I seek what most men and some women for that matter, take for granted. In my experience(s), I've come across women who fear what feels right. They run from good intentions and efforts that say, I do, I will, for always, forever...

I could never imagine nor fathom the idea of placing my heart on the line only to present to you a false image of the future. That to me is a waste of time that would only serve the purpose of leaving us both exhausted. Sure, unforseeable things happen between two people but it's always been my belief that once a man is blessed with commitment from a woman, that's when the real fun begins...

A toy or a quick thrill?
Dearest, as I said, you mistake me for another. I see and even know many who play such games to fulfill what you accuse me of. At times because of disappointments in my own relationships, I too have considered going that route. To become a man interested only in quick thrills, mindless pursuits and efforts where paydirt is another notch on my manhood. Crazy thing though; I once discovered what I'd always believed in my heart to be true and you know what that is? In a committed relationship, love gets better; it has purpose and the sex? Very hot! Within the realms of commitment, a man is blessed with the opportunity to learn all of your pleasure zones from head to toe; physically and mentally... I crave that sort of committed exploration.

Man to woman-
I present to you my own nakedness and truth for everyday I fight the very same skepticism that you carry so close to your heart. This feeling which causes you to doubt and question a man before he can even utter words like "how are you today?" It hurts my heart to have that which I refer to as the most beautiful blessing on earth(Woman) convict me without so much as having the courage to investigate my heart on a personal level.

That question you place before me; "what is it you want from me?"
I sigh whenever I hear it. My adult life flashes before my eyes because it conjures up the disappointments that I too have suffered under the guise of love. I dont fear trying again but I do fear that after you've witnessed the ease in which I'm willing to share my heart and soul, you will then take it for granted or run because it's not what you've become accustomed to when dealing with a man.

What is it that I seek?
A chance without early conviction... Run from me if I treat you wrong or curse me out but if I show to you sincerity, passion, kindness, comfort, support, honesty, and a desire to build something together based solely on the merits of my actions; reward me with your own sincerity. Don't run if I treat you right... Don't walk away from the possibility that forever could potentially be right here with me... I'm not afraid. I dream about it all the time...


Sharon "Shaye" Gray is Sr. Editor of Bahiyah Woman Magazine, She is also the Co-Founder of Essentially Women Writing Group, and co owns Eve's Literary Services with Lorraine Elzia. Ms. Gray works full time as a high school teacher and part time as an evening instructor for adult education; she has her B.A in English and Master's degree in Public Administration. Currently, she is pursuing her Doctorate degree in Higher Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Adult Education. Presently, Sharon Gray resides in Maryland and is working on several literary projects. You may visit her site at

V. Anthony Rivers is the author of Daughter By Spirit, Everybody Got Issues and the upcoming My Life Is All I Have(March'06) and Until Again(Fall'06). He has also contributed to various anthologies including;, Chocolate Flava, Truth Be Told, and Love Is Never Painless. A native of Los Angeles, California he currently resides in Van Nuys, Ca.



Shelia said...

I'm pushing for a Part II :)

alli-babe said...

I like this...

Shai said...

Nice piece. Sadly, with this playa mentality being embraced in society, it makes it harder on genuine sincere hearts.

I mean when nasty attitudes, pimpish behavior and outright taking advantage of folks is reverred in music, TV, etc., it is hard to know what is real.

If you can feel me. Yes, it is unfair and not right to prejudge. Tell me V. Anthony how does a sista deal with this?

It seems even the nicest guy I have come across slightly buys into the playa mentality.