Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Happy Christmas 2 Moms


This post is dedicated to the always worrying, "I tell you" saying mother of mine... She worries about her son but I'm just fine. She's an amazing woman though most of the time she doesn't know this; we both gonna be fine. She can read it in the stars and listen to the words of others; she got a good son... *smile*

She got a son that remembers the years; details of which she's left behind. She's sacrificed on many levels for me and I am grateful. She's intelligent and beautiful; takes care of business. I know that even my father respected that in her. Maybe one day she'll verbally tell me she's proud but that's not what I shoot for. I'm enjoying a good life and I want her's to be fabulous as well. Good times, bad times, tragedy, celebration, it all happens in life but the beautiful thing is when you take the time to be thankful, to document in the most special and profound way that thing which is never held up enough for the world to see..... L-O-V-E... I wanna play that Dear Mama song by Tupac but instead for now since this is the season I'll simply sing... Happy Holidayzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... Posted by Picasa


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Thanks but its not her I said Happy Christmas.. :-)

Shelia said...

Awe...I know you make your mama proud. What a lovely post.