Sunday, December 04, 2005

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My Life Is All I Have

A novel by V. Anthony Rivers

Life is about decisions and no matter how big or small, each one can affect the outcome of others around you. Love can change your direction. Tragedy can ruin the best dreamed out plans. However, a young woman in control; she can do just about anything or at least that’s what Leesha grows up to believe…

Packed with suspense and vivid descriptions of some of Los Angeles’s toughest streets, My Life Is All I Have tells the gripping story of a young girl who will do anything to leave her troubled past behind her.

Leesha Tyler is about to commit robbery when memories from her past start to consume her. Leesha looks back on her life and remembers the chaotic household she lived in—with her mother and herself always at odds. Thoughts of the death of her grandmother and the untimely loss of her favorite cousin Luther only sadden Leesha further and make her more determined that the only solution to her problems is to get out of Los Angeles. And the only way to do that, or so she thinks, is to commit armed robbery.

My Life Is All I Have is a timely piece of fiction that paints a candid, upfront portrait of a section of Los Angeles known as “The Jungle.” West Coast readers will welcome the familiar settings and others will enjoy a realistic slice of Los Angeles life. With echoes of The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah and Warmest December by Bernice McFadden, this novel shows how the decisions one individual makes can alter many lives—a perfect blend of contemporary fiction and street-lit flair. Posted by Picasa

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